Sexual Chemistry… 101

Chemistry… Let’s discuss. MY BABY, MARK,  came to see me tonight. When I talk of chemistry, I’m talking about the type of energy created when someone like he and I get together. It’s a force I’ve always found difficult to explain properly.
From the moment that he walks into the room, I want him. I don’t know why. I don’t even question it. It seems to cum from somewhere down deep inside. All that I know is that I want it. I WANT HIM. NOW!  I NEEDEDD him in my life.
First off, he’s gorgeous. An extremely attractive man of latin dissent. He’s terribly attractive but with that nice/funny guy kind of mentality. He makes me laugh. He makes me cum. He makes me happy.
I wish I could put my finger on the magic button that allows people to be attracted to each other. Boy, would I push it WAY more often. OR… maybe I’m just pushing the wrong button. All I usually get is a mouthful of cum.

The chemistry between us is explosive. It’s snatches our bodies up and forces them together. His hands are all over me, everywhere all at once. His mouth is between my legs, and suddenly, I’m shivering and shuttering and quaking beneath him.
He makes love to me. He fucks me. He does it all naturally. On instinct. I like that instinct. I believe that would be the instinct to procreate. Every movement is done with intent and purpose. The same attraction that draws us together, attracts others also.It’s a buzz of energy that surrounds us both and everything within our grasp. And it’s contagious. So, watch out. 
My bed was soaked, but I didn’t care. Him fucking me was all I really gave a shit about at the moment. His mouth on mine. His body so close. I wanted him. I needed him. He was  all mine for that moment.

You see how difficult it is to explain the type of feeling… this chemistry between two people.  The words just don’t exist to describe the passion that we feel for one another. We were both so electrically charged that you could probably see the sparks flying off of us as we made love

Yes. He can eat really good pussy. Yes. He fucks me stupid. Yes to anything that he wants me to do. Yes to the kiss that he lays on my lips before he walks out the door.


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