15 years ago, In March, my girlfriend left home in search of a car. She returned with a date. She said he was older, but really sweet. HE was the guy selling cars at the dearship. The used car dealership. Lol.

Although she never told me what she did (she called it CLEANING HOUSES), I understood completely that she always returned with a good amount of money. At the time, I had two small children. It sounded too good to be true.

Shannon is really the one who nudged me into escorting. Of course, back then we advertised with just our bodies and charm. No matter where we went, our eyes were peeled for anyone who’s attention our entrance had snared. And that’s how it worked back then. 

If we went to the bank, church, even Taco Bell… we were still eyes wide in observance of any interested fellas. Short conversations usually were all that was needed to secure a date. A sexy INTELLIGENT female?? Those were in high demand. 

But Bull was different. He worked at the car lot just to be doing something. He was 60 years old and not doing so well health wise. Or, at least, that’s what my girlfriend told me. She said the night was a bust, ending in him having a coughing fit that scared her half to death and sent her running back to our little trailer.

The following day, Bull called our house phone (yes, we used those 15 years ago). I answered and he began chatting me up. Within the first five minutes, he had already brought up my chest size. Shannon had told him all about her big breasted best girlfriend, and he was seriously intersted. 

Bull ALWAYS was a tit man. I bet he’s chasing down large tittied angels right now. Holy shit! That’s very inappropriate. Please forgive me.

We set up a date and were an item from that day forward. He did have faults, though. He was seriously down that his dick wasn’t working like it should. It just didn’t get hard anymore, and he was very self-conscious about it.

I showed him how to manipulate the blood flow in his cock to get it hard, so that he was able to get it sucked properly. Which of course, I volunteered for. He always did say that I was the best head he’d ever had. I believe he truly felt this way. I didn’t see his cock as a useless body part, but as an opportunity in orgasm rejuvination.

For 15 years, Bull was my sugar daddy. He loved my children and, even if we were arguing (which we did often), he NEVER let them down.

I helped him regain that confidence years of illness had taken from him. But the most important thing that I taught him was that certain women could be bought. I showed him how to look for those women that were looking for him. 

Bull learned so quickly. Too quickly. Soon, I was finding pictures of my friends on his computer sucking his cock or showing off their petite little figures. Young girls. Twenty-somethings. He told me when he met me that he didn’t date anyone over 30. Every year on my birthday, it would go up a number. Bull was such a trip. I miss him greatly. He cared for me and my children to no end. I hope that he’s getting lots of heavenly puss right now. (He’d probably prefer nasty devils anyway.)


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