Engines pumping, thumping in time…

Okay, I guess ya’ll must have noticed by now that I haven’t been spending as much time writing as I usually do. I allowed a couple of people to make me feel a certain kind of way. But I release all that negative energy, so I can hang out for a few minutes today. I mean, seriously, ya’ll have some catching up to do.

Yesterday was exciting, to be sure. My morning begin with a motorcycle-riding, extremely masculine man. I’ll just call him my BikerBeast. He was handsome, in a rugged outdoorsy type of way. I could picture him above a bon fire or something of that nature. He may have been a man’s man, but he was most certainly made to be a lady’s lover.

The chemistry came easily, allowing him to relax enough for me to give him some of the famous head I am named for. He definitely enjoyed that. However, I was unprepared for what came next.

No offense to my main man the ClitLicker. He’s definitely got that game down. But this new biker guy… Well, he really put it on me. I can’t explain just how it happened either. I was enjoying myself so much that it’s hard for me to even recall what designs he was drawing on me with his tongue, but he had me cumming in moments. Literally… Moments from the time that he entered my home, every muscle of my body was flexed, and I was orgasming onto his mouth.

I’m talking about SKILLS, people. This man had SKILLS. Not talking about just some fancy game. This man was lapping at my melting pussy like he was a thirsty pup parched from the desert sun. And, it was so obvious that he loved it. Every gentle sweep of his tongue had me writhing in the sweetest pleasure and the most excrutiating agony all over my queen size bed. Not that sensual release a woman has where she finds herself wrestling with the covers and moaning seductively. No. More like spasms of uncontrolled body movements along with the loudest piercing screams. I embarrassed myself. My neighbor’s most likely hate me now. And, if they didn’t know what I did before… THEY CERTAINLY DID NOW.

You see, ya’ll think that we don’t know. You think that we don’t know when you’re doing it just for us. Or that, since i can’t see your actual EXPRESSION, then i will never know that you’re just not that into it. 

Darlings. We can totally tell if you truly enjoy where you’re at. Are you making yourself at home; planning to stay awhile? Or do you try to jump up every time you hear my get off, hoping it’s all I’ll require of you.  I can tell if me orgasming is important to you, OR if you EATING PUSSY UNTIL I ORGASM is important to you. Both are good things. Don’t get me wrong. But, wholeheartedly, I prefer the latter.

 But regardless of what I prefer, what are you into? Because, truthfully, that’s what turns me on. I seriously get pleasure from yYOU receiving pleasure. If I’m doing something or allowing you to do something that you’re not really into… Well, it does not a pleasurable experience make.

I enjoyed my date with BikerBeast so much. I can only hope he returns in the near future to give me more of what I’ve been missing. Oh, yeah. I would sure like to feel that tongue one more time before I die. Lots of you guys know how to eat pussy. This man MADE LOVE TO MY PUSSY WITH HIS TONGUE. Something I didn’t quite know I how much I loved, loved, loved, love until now. (YEAH, RIGHT!)

Yesterday evening couldn’t have been any better, either. Mr. GoodBadCock, arrived for our second date around 5 o’clock. It was so good to see him again. His friendly, kind-hearted, easy going nature immediately won me over. Just as it had the first time. I practically danced into the bedroom.

Remember how we talked about that chemistry. Well… Me and Mr. GoodBadcock have that in spades. His humor is witty and raunchy and cute. Just like mine. He’s adorable and fun-sized like me, also. He’s passionate and loving and caring like me. And he’s got a hard-on that makes me blush. I’m blushing even as I write this.

Sadly, he’s not in town as often as I’d like. He’s in my pussy even less. However, he can eat crackers in my bed anytime. Shit! I’ll bring the peanut butter!

A friend of mine asked me this morning about something I hadn’t quite quite thought to mention. One of my go-to types of porn to get off to are the ones depicting gangbangs. And you’d assume, as a comfortable as I am in the bedroom, them I’m sure to have attended a few myself. Right? Completely untrue.

It’s certainly been one of my favorite fantasies for quite some time, actually. Just a bunch of guys going at me until I’m used and spent and thrown away. I don’t know why that excites me so much. Makes me slick just thinking about it.

Unfortunately, I’ve never quite felt safe enough to enter into that type of situation. I don’t think I’ve known that many guys at one time that I felt comfortable with enough to attempt such a wild fantasy with. Only… it wouldn’t be a fantasy anymore. Would it? It would finally be a reality. It would be a new memory.

My engine is just racing… My wheels are spinning… My parts are all lubed up. Won’t someone cum race me?


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