Squirts -o- Plenty

Good morning, friends. Boy, I hope I have time to write this. To be honest, I stay pretty fucking busy. LOL. I know you’re laughing at that one. No. It’s not always one hung man in my bed after another. Although, I certainly wouldn’t object too loudly about it.

Ya’ll just have no idea what I go through every day. First off, to get up in the morning and write about sex before the sun even rises, often I use a few tricks. My go-to most of the time is just to stimulate myself. It’s my naughty little trick. 

Being turned on definitely helps with the writing. And I can think of a million more explicit words when there’s something in my pussy. Perhaps not the right ones, but ALL dirty words nonetheless.

But most of my nasty little stories cum from my daily dates with horny men. This is a good thing, but it does have it’s pitfalls.

When reviews are written about you on a regular basis you can gather quite a bit of attention. And after reading about my squirting orgasms, they must think themselves an official applicant for the BIG RACE; champions of orgasms, to be sure.

There’s only one problem with that. Fellas use the information given in reviews about me to nominate themselves O MASTER. And, they have obviously gone into very explicit details on how to make this happen for me.

Oh, come on. Like I wouldn’t be able to tell. Most of you studs walk right in here and do exactly what the fella before you did. Sure, I orgasm alright. But, then, you just keep hitting my G spot over and over again, making it sensitive as hell, and taking orgasms completely out of my control

But I do cum. Boy, do I cum. Repeatedly. But squirting orgasms are different than regular orgasms. They are FAR more spontaneous. It takes a lot out of a chick to squirt that much. Especially if she’s just an old experienced slut like myself, who gets off everyday anyway. With or without a man. 

And ESPECIALLY when fellas are already warming up for their opportunity to knock one out of the park. Or, maybe they are just hoping I won’t be able to walk when they are done. It’s definitely happened before.

So here I sit, reaching for the words and ridin a tiny dildo, I just realized, I don’t really feel like writing at all. I feel like playing.

Hope all y’all had a Happy Turkey Day! See ya next when I’ve experienced a few O’s. Almost there now…



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