The other day my neighbor and I went thrift store shopping. We stopped at a yard sale just two blocks from our apartments, but ended up on an adventure the moment we set foot in the little thrift shop just blocks from our home. They had EVERYTHING.

The lady that owned the store was a gentle creature with a huge heart and an amazing knack for sensing the inner turmoil in others. You could tell her patrons were enthralled with the oddity of her spirit and entranced by her loving touch.

Before I left, she took me by the shoulders and told me that I was a BUTTERFLY. She said that meant that I was in transformation. It kind of excited me. 

It’s not like I just believe every kooky woman I meet at consignment shops who is SO high on LIFE that they want to share it with the world. And certainly not one who claims to fortell my future, but it was all deja vu for me. Some people might call that a confirmation. 

Besides, I kind of feel like I am already in some state of change. But only because I’m headed up to the store real quick, and it’s COLD AS FUCK outside! Ha. Ha. 

Come on. Seriously, let’s talk about cocks and cunts or a tart cocktail of the both. HA!. Cock-Tail. Shit, why have I never picked up on that?? (It’s like I’m a fucking genius this morning!) It feels so good to laugh.

Someone asked me this morning if I thought about sex as much as men do. What a question. And are you even being serious right now? You know NO WOMAN could EVER beat you guys on that. Ya’ll hardly ever stop thinking about pussy. What woman could ever beat that? 

However, I definitely think about it more than most. That AND my career choice have cost me many a female friendship. Not that I would EVER sleep with their man! (Unless under dark of night when no one is watching…) Whatever! NO! That’s not my character at all. But I do so love to fantasize about it. 

Of course, I have recently acquired some female friends. You all know my baby girl, Naughtly Little Native. They are supportive and they understand because they escort also.

NLN is a trip. A truly great girl. We love to smoke and talk about you fellas; air out some of your dirtiest laundry. It’s only fair. Right? Y’all have your ‘boy’s room’. We now have my living room. 

We don’t talk about ya’ll the whole time. NO. We usually grab a bite to eat too, somewhere in there. But darlings… Ya’ll sometimes do some stupid shit. 

Naw. Just kidding. Who wants to discuss work when their off?? WE DO! WE DO! You know how bad we are! Lol. But don’t act crazy. You know I always tell you everything FIRST anyway. (Wink – wink)


7 Replies to “BUTTerflies”

  1. Hrm, you top me on talkative old lady encounters. Last one I had said I looked like a Jew and would survive the coming doomsday thanks to my God’s blood. I swear, riding the bus around here is freaking weird.

    Actually kind of jealous of your little get togethers. I dodge my coworkers like the plague and darkfic writers mustn’t congregate least SWAT get called. -snicker-

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