Women & Monsters

Good mornin’… Freaks, friends and friendly spectators. It’s Laney Lixx, here again to impart some hard learned knowledge and dispel some of my longest running beliefs. Knowledge is power. If it made you sick, it can keep you sick. Once an asshole…

Okay, I might have made up those last two. But are you feeling me at all? No. Hmmm… Well, here goes.

Hold up. First, just lemme explain something. As much as I enjoy telling ya’ll about my crazy hookups, ya’ll also hear everything personal about my life. You cannot possibly imagine the pressure that is released when ya’ll allow me to vent in this way. I think I would die without it. 

Sometimes (often), I share with ya’ll some of the pitfalls of some of my interpersonal relations with certain “friends”. And, although I tend to change up the names somewhat, ANYONE that is a member of my escort site would know whom I speak of. 

Now, in no way, shape or form do I enjoy writing negative things about ANYONE. I sincerely mean that. But there wouldn’t be a whole lot of venting happening if I worried about everyone’s toes every time I wrote something. However, it has NEVER been my intention to hurt ANYONE’s feelings. 
Now that being said, disregard all of it. Those situations were very unique indeed. This one… Well, it’s unique alright. Can’t say that I’ve ever been in this particular type of situation before. But I’m getting ahead of myself. 
When I began with the escort site, I began the arduous task of reading up on the forums. That was 3 months ago. I just finished up a couple of weeks ago. And over the past couple of weeks there has been this monster on there who is kind of argumentative and confrontational. Especially when it came to women. I may have agreed with a few things he said every now and then, but most certainly not all of it. However, it’s not like he was bothering ME. Right?
So the other day there’s a post from an escort who had problems with her client. She gave the details (not too many in my opinion. And I left feeling better informed. But, then, Mr. monster came on and shot her the fuck down, making sure to use the words hookers and whores. What he said slightly contradicted itself, but I WAS CERTAINLY OFFENDED.

I’ve never seen anyone on there do that before so I was shocked to hear him say that it was the escort’s job to accept all clients. So you better believe that I responded. I couldn’t believe that he actually had the nerve to say that “whores” we’re bitches if they turned a man down. Especially if they’d already seen him several times.
This was his response seriously, you have to read it to believe it.

“Why would a guy feel offended from a turn down,,,that question deserves an answer from a point of view of more then just mine. “But your 100% I assure it’s a no decision” that’s bs and this is something a hooker cant admit to—guy can have had 50 successful dates and contact a girl and communication just did not work,,,(there can be several reasons for that) and maybe that never did or could work out,,,but how come the other fifty did work out…fact is I’ve seen you several times and we are happy to see each other,,your world is not the reality that you believe it is—you would be a hedge fund investor if it was.” 


My friends… WTF?? Did he just call me a liar? Call me crazy? SAY HE’D BEEN WITH ME SEVERAL TIMES!!!

Can anyone feel my pain right now? It is obvious that when I switched my phone, somehow I’ve lost this contact. And I certainly had no idea that this contact was the fucking monster. He must have met me before I finally got caught up on the forums. And how the fuck could I have been with someone several times, had a great time, and not fucking know he was an asshole? I’m stunned.

I know I said that I’d learned something from this, and that I was going to impart that knowledge upon you, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen right this second. And with that said, I really don’t have anything else to say at this moment.


4 Replies to “Women & Monsters”

  1. Poor loser.. and desperate ass..

    Throwing a tantrum because you refuse to see him..
    All he gotta do.. is call another of his escort..
    you are not exclusive..

    He’s probably not all that good . Anyways.. if he was you would have remembered

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  2. An escort having to accept every date makes about as much sense as some business-type having to accept every deal offered. And while ‘fuck you, that’s why’ isn’t the most … diplomatic rejection you can receive from either, it sure as hell still valid and binding. Not saying you normally go around saying that willy-nilly of course, but perhaps if his name does come up attached to a number on your phone. :/

    That said, I’ve reread his message like four times now and it just refuses to become a coherent opinion to me. Either I should have been sleep hours ago (likely) or he’s crazy. Hrm.

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