A Taste for Sinful Apples

It sure has been an interesting day. I’m not quite sure how to take it all just yet. Of course, that could possibly be due to the fact that I have eaten very little today, and am actively praying, as I type, that my food from the Cactus Flower is almost here. I’m damn near starving. But while I wait… I will tell you what has kept me so busy.

I finally got my new used IPhone hooked up yesterday. Oh, what a relief. After three very long days of phone calls to 3 different phone carriers, my struggle is finally over. OR IS IT?

About 5 years ago, my biggest problem was the fact that ANY AND EVERY phone I would purchase, would burn out on me in three months or less. I’m being serious. It was absolute insanity. All day and all night just screening guys.

The Craigslist Scene is non-stop emails, but very few REAL prospects. You had to be smart to sniff out the good (okay, not good… maybe -BEST AVAILABLE guys- makes more sense) from the deranged, underage, and perverted. Actually, I’d gotten pretty good at it, but it still was a 24 hour a day screening process. Those poor Android phones of mine just couldn’t take the heat of constantly having to be charged.

Lucky for me, I met a FRIEND on that exact site who worked at a Sprint store. And once I had put these lips on him, he was more than willing to work out a trade to be able to see me more regularly. From that day until he moved away, three years later, Jason would bring me his used phones and his cock. I’d suck him dry (making sure not to knock my teeth on his Prince Albert piercing), then play with my new and more advanced toy. What a wonderful FRIEND he was. 


(Ooh shit, did I go off on a tangent. Lol. Still with me? Damn, ya’ll are the greatest!)

But I’ve never had an IPhone. Not one… EVER. I truly didn’t believe they were that much different from the phones I’ve always been familiar with. Boy, that was an understatement. So, most of today I have spent sitting in this chair playing with my new phone. 

Not that I’ve learned anything. But, I certainly haven’t given up either. It is becoming more and more compliant with my demands, so I guess you could say, “it’s grown on me.”

And, truth be told, I’ve spent so much time writing just now. I must be off. There’s an appleID with my name on it, and I’m thinking of taking another bite of it.

My next post will be about public sex, so stay tuned FRIENDS.


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