And the Award Goes to…

Cummin to you LIVE and LOUD… MASTERHEAD is in the house! 

Hello again, friends. Boy, do I have a treat for you this evening. I was hangin out with a friend of mine who has some very naughty desires of the flesh that he is not quite in control of. 

In continuing yesterday’s topic on public displays of indecency. He honored me (after much begging on my part, with the details on one of his encounters with the more dangerous sides of masturbation. Here’s his story… with just a little me washed in and a few facts embellished slightly to appeal to his love for the fantastic.

He sat hunched over the wheel as the car filled with moans. Her back was to him. Her sex was swollen with hunger and dripping with anticipation. If only…

The sound of a car door slamming shut broke his attention from the naked form on the small screen of his phone. He didn’t have time to even put his rigid cock back into his shorts. It was presented with his hand in all of it’s rock hard glory, as if it was the trophy for some prestigious, yet strangly, anonymous reward.

Her eyes were filled with the site of him in the midst of pleasuring himself. Yet, even there, in the prescence of an intensely maturbating older gentleman in the parking lot of the dimly lit mall, she didn’t seem the least bit afraid he might grab, snatch or rape her. That turned him on so badly, he could hardly see straight. And so… the stroking began again. A little more roughly this time.

The chick had to be a slut. When it was completely obvious what she was seeing was real, she just lit a cigarette and leaned back lazily against the grey van parked next to him. 

Oh, but she was really just watching him. Watching him indulge in his obsession to watch ladies of all kinds walking out of the building lumbered with packages so greatly, they would often just completely miss the pervert wacking it for almost anyone to see.

Perhaps he should have felt guilty, but that was definitely not the thought creeping up on him now. He’d been watched before, but never had someone seemed so pleased to do so. She never even looked him in the eyes once, choosing to watch the quickening movements of his hand instead. Until, finally, he busted. 

As cum shot up and over the top of his clenched fingers, he glanced up just in time to meet her eyes. But only for the moment. His orgasm was so great, he couldn’t even keep them open very long.

As the euphoria swept over him, then eased silently away, he returned to reality. Just in time to see an elderly couple ushering the girl into that very same van parked nearby. They looked disgustedly in his direction. That’s when two things occurred to him. 

One:  Those old folks had definitely seen him.

Two:  By their urgency, it was obvious that the girl probably never was 18 at all.

He drove away as quickly as his squeeling tires allowed, cock still clenched tightly between his fingers. Cum still staining his pants with the perversity of it all. He sped for awhile until something familiar began to appear in the distance. When he saw the sign, he pulled in quickly. It’s large concrete letters spelled out “Cordova Mall”. Ahhh. Back to safety.

Thanks for reading!


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