Paramour No More???

Okay. So, I had this cute little piece on masturbation for y’all this morning, but something insane has happened. So, I now ask for your assistance.

I just found a review about me on a site that I didn’t even belong to. I guess you could say it was sort of flattering. Meaning… eh.

But that wasn’t even the problem. The person who wrote this review is none other than my special nkdwhtguy. Dude, WTF? Do we seriously have to do this AGAIN??

Now, why would someone who CLAIMS to feel so strongly for me, place a review that is not so flattering on a site that I don’t even belong to??

Here’s my take on this. And, no offense to you, darlin. I have tried to explain to you on SEVERAL occasions how strongly I feel about honesty and trust. Why would you not disclose this information? You probably didn’t even think about it. But, oh, it kinda seems OBVIOUS AS HELL what’s really going on.

You see, it is fairly usual that these REVIEW sites offer paid VIP Member status if you do a couple of reviews on the sites escorts. BUT I DIDN’T EVEN BELONG TO THAT SITE. NEVER knew it existed until 2 days ago. Oh, buddy. He must have a trunk load of those VIP babies by now.

I mean, I’m stunned. You know everything I’ve been through. You know it took a lot to apologize to you and ask you back last time. I still feel that I was justified in cutting you off then. Now…
It absolutely astounds me that after all the bitching you received, NOT ONCE did you feel the need to disclose that you are still publicly posting and writing things about me WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE. And the mild review was so much less than I expected from you. SO VERY MUCH LESS than how you act when we are together. You probably even patted yourself on the back for HELPING THE POOR GIRL OUT.

Of course, it was probably submitted a month or two ago. But the fact that you don’t even mention that shit to me bothers the hell out of me. 

Dude, you dedicated so much of your blog to condemning me and my BUSINESS methods, and the rest was spent placing a pedastool beneath my very feet. Do you not realize that YOU SAY ONE THING AND DO SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT??

Darlin, I’m so frustrated with this shit. I would like to live a DRAMA-FREE life. But how is that possible if my nkdwhtguy continues to withhold information from me? It was a problem about a week ago, and now it is a problem again. 

Dear friends, I need YOUR HELP on this one. What do you think I should do? 

I have one true saying that I live by…


Leaving out pertinent information during our extremely personal encounters just doesn’t seem like an accident when it just continues to happen.

PLEASE! Help me friends. What is up with this nkdwhtguy???


12 Replies to “Paramour No More???”

  1. Wow. I got put in the doghouse with u because i pissed u off. I never insulted u but i get why u got upset. This whole situation seems to be worse if he actively put u down or made u seem not to have the skills u obviously do.


  2. Not this asshole again! If he’s causing you more pain than pleasure you should dump his white ass to the curb. On the other hand, if you think he did this a long time ago before ya’ll became close and now knows what bothers you, you might want to give him another chance. Just sayin’.

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  3. Integrity is the only thing you have that cannot be taken from you by force. How you maintain your integrity thought your life is the true barometer of your character. Those who would fuck over a friend for gain deserve neither friends nor gain.


  4. Well … on the matter of the business, I can’t really comment (it’d be the opinion of a complete outsider, thus useless). On the matter of the website(s), I can only hope there is an ability to report false reviews. I’m sure those sites don’t like giving out free VIP erroneously. Adult trades are filled with too many con artists as it is. With any luck, their admins might have something of a blacklist compiled between them.

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  5. Let him apologize and explain himself, but if he doesn’t, cut him off again. He seemed to betray trust on that one. Just my advice… And btw, I love your fresh writing on this blog. It’s about being you. Nice to meet you, hun. What can I call you?

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    1. Im Laney Lixx darlin. Thank you for following.
      He’s a really sweet guy. But he just seems to NEED the approval of others and that is not my game. Thank you so much for responding though. I truly needed some help on this one. I don’t wanna be a bitch but i prefer NOT to be deceived.

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      1. You’re very welcome, Laney. Yeah, I totally understand. When someone betrays your trust, it feels like a stab in the back, even ever so slightly. He needs to know that his comments offended you. And it seems like you’ve told him numerous times, so he should get the hint, right? Hopefully he’ll read this post. Lovely again to follow your blog, Ms. Lixx. 😉 xo

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