Let me tell you about my virgin. It is often that this blog hooks me up to different guys intellectual fantasy side. They read my naughty stories. The imagine my words. They picture me actually sucking a virtual penis. Their penis.

The fantasy is often not enough. I can only imagine that if you picture yourself with someone so many times that you can’t even count the amount of orgasms you can actually attribute to them, that meeting them might be a little nerve-wrecking. Possibly even shocking? I don’t know.

But far be it for me to hold back my sexuality when it could mean a world of sexual freedom for someone new. I love to be that person who ushered them through the door their very first time. Men are known for being sexual creatures. Not often do they brag about being nervous. However, one’s first time can very well be enjoyable, and the tide that influences all future relations.

I never pictured me being the object of someone’s lust. I mean, yeah. I know that men lusted for me, but that is a whole different ballgame than being the object of someone’s lust. For my new friend, theWatchGuy, I guess that’s what I was. An object to place his lust. Having no earlier experiences from escorting to draw from, he was like a freshly ripened virgin for me. And if in need of an object for his desire, I was happy to pose as the mantel to the fireplace where his embers smoldered and waited for just the right flamant material to let loose on.
I could tell he was a little stunned by meeting me. He definitely said as much. But it always amazes me a little to find a man nervous to meet little ole me. I’m just like any other real Southern chick in her thirties. I’m naughty, nice, with equal parts of pornography and early sexual experiences to keep me riding high on multi-orgasmic intoxication for at least the next 20 years.
Oh, it was so obvious that this was his first time with a women of experience, alright. He couldn’t take his eyes off me. And he was very attractive so I found it equally difficult. A perfect gentleman he was, but very insistent on telling me that he had not been with an escort yet. I wanted to comfort him and assure him that it would be an experience he WOULD NEVER FORGET.

Long-time workers often get caught in the middle of dealing with the reality that there are no PERFECT encounters, while living in the fantasy of every guy who believes it to be possible. I don’t blame them for not always wanting to break in the ‘fresh meat’ (or newbies as the  working girls like to call them). Not everyone works out so well. If I could skip right over all of the uncomfortable silences and pubescent like man handling, I certainly would. But then I would lose the opportunity to be part of someone’s real-life fantasy. I could replace the dreamlike qualities they’ve envisioned of having with real life ecstasy. And, of course, a new love for genuine escorts.

I love the feel of Flesh on flesh, and it was obvious he loved it too. I bent down to place a kiss right on the head of his dick, but found myself rather entranced by the sight of my large breasts around his thick shaft. Almost like it belonged there in the cozy fullness of their affection. What a lucky man! Not everyone’s dick looks as delicious propped up in the center of my body. He looked absolutely scrumptious to me.
And yes, I was a little taken aback by how wonderful he felt inside me. It was obvious that we were both really into each other. Something about the glow in his eyes when he looked at me made me feel very sexy and intensely orgasmic. And, yes… At this very moment, I WAS THE OBJECT OF ALL OF HIS RECENT LUST.
Intensely orgasmic? HA! That is an understatement. I came at least a half-dozen times all over him, and that was just the first round. The second was definitely more aggressive. More insistent. More abandoned with need. At one point he even went to kiss me and ended up hitting me sharply with the edge of his teeth, cutting the flesh inside my mouth. Hey. It’s all in good fun and all for the joy of cummin (which I’m an avid supporter of for EVERYONE).

Despite the condom, I like the thought that he came in me. I imagined it seeping out slowly as if the condom was broken. I could picture all that creamy goodness dripping down the inside of my thighs. It’s enough to make a girl have a wet dream on a bad day. Thank you, theWatchGuy. Your virginal sacrifice made my day into a fantasticly delicious memory for my own future musings.



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