Once introduced to sex, there is no going back. For the women who have chosen to no longer have sex in there marriages: thank you for helping to fulfill my basic sexual urges with your idiocy. My first memory is of sex. And, if I’m lucky, it may possibly be my last. I regret none of my life, and I definitely have no apologies for how I feel or live. I’m just existing like the rest of you. This is just the flare with which I prefer to be completely intertwined within every moment of mine.

I was listening to Green Day “Time of My Life” and began to reminisce on a younger time. A definitely crazier time in my life.  It was just a blur of alcohol and fucking. Those were the ’90’s. Ah… Good times. Right? The youngins, of course, won’t remember these days. Oh, but I have too many delicious memories to forget. 

My first fiance was Chris. He was a paramedic with the hottest body. Boy. Now, those were wild days. He had his dick in me so long that very first night, tthat we ended with it deep in my azz. What a delicious whirlwind we had of a relationship.

Within the very first few months we were together, a we were already doing threesomes with any hot chick we met. We were a beautifully nerdy couple (at the time , we were both wearing glasses), and so, were never once turned down.  He made me proud to hand over to my girlfriends. He could fuck! I had no problem sharing that big juicy cock with those that I thought would truly enjoy it. It made me feel special. It made me feel IN CONTROL.  

Within the first year,  we had discovered Contact, a local magazine advertising the Florida Panhandle, Lower Alabama, and Mississippi swinging scene. We met a few couples from there, but then we took the chance and attended a swinging meet-n-greet right here in Pensacola. The LA Social was very well known to EVERY open-minded couple but us, so when we walked in all young and gorgeous, we were the hit of the night, and was immediately invited back to a large house only blocks from the Taco Bell (a plus for me; I planned on being very hungry after) complete with a pool and hot tub and lots of beautiful, older, well-kept females. I was in heaven.  I fucked all them bitches. Hell! So did my old man! HA!! (True Story! )

Those were some seriously good times. Thesse orgies were not made for the faint of heart. They could really test a female’s jealousy,  that’s for sure. But I’ve never been a very jealous person, so it just seemed like the next best thing to watch him pleasuring someone else,  as if he was pleasuring me. AND be able to assist. It felt wonderful to be in possession of the thing that made them squirm and scream so well.

Unfortunately, these times were not to last. When Chris became bisexual, it was great. But when Chris became gay… Well it didn’t fit so well with me. So, sadly, that was the end of that period. But those times, those wonderful ’90’s. I could find a million stories, just in those few years, to tell you that would keep you going for the rest of your life. And, if you’re willing to stick in there with me… I guess that’s what we’ll do.



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