Pussies & Friends & Friendly Pussies

So, this morning my friend, the one that owns my puppy, stopped by.  We chilled and smoked for a few, like always. And… I’m not sure why, but he decides to make this statement, “I don’t think I was really ever addicted to meth. Because I didn’t use it that often, and it was easy for me to stop.” Are you fuckin serious??

Well… I FEEL RATHER STRONGLY ABOUT THIS SUBJECT. So, I decided to point out that he tries to hurt me when he’s on meth. And he does not push me or shove me or hit me when he is clean. Can you believe this mother fcuker had the nerve to say, “well you are more aggressive when you come at me than other women. I’ve never hit my wife.”

What do I give a fuck what he thinks at all?? Why is this mother fucker still in my house?? He had repeatedly stolen from me. On three separate occasions, he hurt me physically. But it’s because I come at him aggressively with the words that are coming out of my fuckin mouth. They are just too aggressive for him.

Hey fellas, how about all of you that put your hands on women… FUCK YOU. YOU ARE A BUNCH OF PUSSIES. That you would even use an excuse that is so stupid and ridiculous is beyond me. Any woman can have the most aggressive words in the world and she does not deserve to have hands put on her fuckin perso. 

YOU CAN WRITE THAT DOWN. That’s my stance right here in black and white. I don’t think that you are real men if you not only put your hands on women, but then choose to not accept the responsibility of it, but instead put it back on the woman and her AGRESSIVE WORDS. What a crock of shit!

And aren’t you the same mother fucker that just told me I was too fuckin nice? It is obvious that you are lying to yourself as well as to me. Or do you know that you’re full of shit? And how dare you say there is no correlation between you and those Ryan. You both were trying to hurt me. Both succeeded. If anything, I just pointed out the obvious. 

Well, I’m fixing to take a whole load off of my shoulders with a good dick. So, just fuck it. That’s just how I feel right now. Maybe later, I can berate myself enough so that I never make this mistake again. just kiss it because that’s how I feel about this right now. This friendship is non-repairable. I’m tired of fucking pretending that you will ever grow the fuck up.

The End


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