Teenage Hoes. Oops. I Meant, Woes

2016-11-14-19-20-52-713A friend of mine made a SPECIAL REQUEST for more of my teenage angst stories. So, here goes. Thanks again, Jake.


Okay, so ya’ll recall me talking about my best friend being my first female experience as a teenager? Well, she most certainly WAS NOT my last bisexual experience. If you can believe it, I actually kind of became known for my attraction to the same sex. 


Oh, but I didn’t just rape chicks in bathrooms. Of course, you know I didn’t stop there! I had the taste of pussy on my tongue, and I wanted lots more.


I actually hooked up two of my friends. Okay, that is not really how it happened. Everyone got drunk one night, and they were together when we woke up the next day.


It is more vivid to me now than yesterday was. We pulled behind the local food stamp office, and everyone just began kissing. It was all tongue and lips and hands EVERYWHERE. No one was left unappreciated.


I had always admired Kristi’s perfect breasts. They were big like mine, but so perky they almost touched the sky. The perfect tear drops for fun, and my lips watered for them. So, that was where most of my focus for the evening went, but I really had a hard time concentrating. 


Even at the age of 16, it was obvious to me that she had NO FUCKING IDEA how to suck a cock. She was all hard sucking and teeth. It looked painful to be honest. So, no. I never made it further than her tits, because it took everything I could do not to laugh or just PITCH IN the whole time she tried to suck him off. I could feel the tension, but if he was afraid to ask, then I certainly wasn’t gonna be the one to do it.


The bj took forever, but we left with my hair and face still intact. Lol. We were friends, but I’m certainly not a stupid friend. I knew where the boundaries lay even way back then.


You see, I had a lot of sexual experiences with other chicks that just didn’t work out. It doesn’t take too many bad experiences before I learn my place in a threesome. It’s a fine line one must walk when dealing with a woman and her man. Regardless of what she may think she feels, there is something especially disturbing for some ladies when their man begins showing another woman more attention.


And how difficult do ya’ll think it would be for him to show YOU more attention? He’s seen you. He’s tasted you. He’s fucked you. He has done NONE of those things yet with me. So… doesn’t it seem obvious?


My best friend growing up was Amelia. She was pregnant and married right out of high school to Scott. He was actually very attractive and intelligent. I wasn’t sure what they saw in each other, but what the hell.


I was invited by Amelia herself to a threesome at her house. They fed me alcohol for the first weird hour, then we began to get frisky.


Scott got off on commanding us to eat other one at a time. He seemed to really like bossing her around most of all. I didn’t care. I was horny, so I just went with it.


Soon, we’d made it to the bedroom. He fucks her doggy first, then has me clean his cock with my mouth. Afterwards, I just jump on top of him. MY tits are just a floppin as I ride his beautiful stiff pole. 


I was just about to get off, when the door slams. Amelia has now retreated into the living room crying. He begs me to continue, but the party has ended. 


Needless to say, I don’t just enter into ANY sexual encounter without considering the chemistry first. It is how I know things will go well. If I had listened to my head that day, I never would have even taken the cab to their house at all. 


You live and you learn.







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