Jake’s Snake Makes Me Ache

img_1479140983784.jpgI apologize for yesterday. I’m sure you could tell I was feeling a little down. But, that all changed. And, after a full night’s recuperation, I must tell you about Jake.



I called out to anyone interested in my blog yesterday, and I was answered. Thank you, friends for listening. My white knight turned up on my doorstep last night to change my attitude. Oh, he was fine! And the chemistry was there immediately. When his lips touched mine, I knew he was the one.




He was a very passionate and tender lover. He used his hands and mouth to bring me to ecstasy several times before he ever placed himself inside me. And that, I must say, drove me nuts. 




He had me screaming and crying and clawing at the sheets, and it was obvious that he was doing it on purpose. I whined for him, but he spent his time teasing my g spot with the head of his cock. He tamed my beast with his passionate kisses and gentle embrace.




He fucked me slow and intentionally, gently caressing my face throughout. Then he stuck it to me more and more aggressively. Then back to the tender lover. Oh, I would have talked so dirty to him, but my lips would only form moans.




Afterwards, we lay in stunned shock. He’d made me his bitch. I wanted to write his name in green on the nearest water tower. We had an excellent fucking time, and if I could have it all over to do again… his dick would be in my mouth right now.


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