Tired of the Games

img_1479041495261.jpgHello friends, and good morning to all of you. Just a lazy Sunday? I think my weekend has been lazy enough. Looks like I’ll be looking into a new website now. It is time for my phone bill and I haven’t had a date in the past few days. Time to check out somewhere new for business, I suppose.ย 


You know, I really thought this new site would keep from having to constantly SEEK new friends, but I’ve obviously done something wrong, because even after the time with nln, I have had few scheduled appointments. If this was a subliminal message, it has certainly been received. Time to move along now.


I knew that the older I became, the more difficult it would be too stay busy, but I didn’t believe it would cum so quickly. It’s not that I look old, but every female seems to be escorting these days, regardless of her skills. All you have to do is be 20 and have a pussy. Easy enough. But not for me. My 20’s have BEEN OUT.


So, onto my web camming. Oh well, fellas. I tried to remain in the game. Unfortunately, ya’ll forgot to tell me the rules.


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