Anthony & O’s

img_1478982992254.jpgMy Friday night was non-eventful, and… sooo fucking relaxing. I was in need of clean sheets (the task that never ends) and a good fuck down. My ex Anthony may not have hung the tv yet, but it would be the only unhung thing about him. Argh… Lol. So, after making arrangements on four different occasions (all perfectly acceptable times, but for my afternoon nap obsession), we finally were able to meet up. He helped me pack up my baskets of laundry, and we headed to his place.


Even after working all day, all week, and just about every Saturday and Sunday… he immediately began making dinner while I put the clothes on to wash. I eased the tension with a spliff as we snuggled down on the couch to enjoy the fights. Peaceful to be sure. Most relaxing and enjoyable. …And exactly what I’d been needing.


I was beginning to think he was just too tired to fuck. He did seem wiped out both physically and mentally. His short, sexy stature a little slouched and weary looking; seeming to just slip into the couch long before I’d even suggested bedtime. 


Seeing his tired state, I ALMOST felt bad fucking with him, but I really wanted to just FUCK HIM. Actually, I just really wanted him to fuck the shit out of me.


But there was something I had already promised weeks earlier. The truth is, it was definitely going to happen. And I’d already spent far too long in the bathroom bathroom preparing. Now I was all spic and span clean and ready for some naughty azz shit.


If there’s one thing that I know about Anthony, it’s that he loves him some head. So, I immediately go down. His big dick in my mouth more than I could possibly handle. Yeah right! I took him down until my nose was nestled surely in the newly grown hair from his testicles.


I love the feel of a man swelling while I gently suckle him with my entire mouth. Oh, Anthony is certainly no different. He grew so large, I just couldn’t wait any longer. I crammed all of him inside me.


Boy, did he fuck me good. And, oh, did he fuck me hard. It was like he was trying to write his name in this moment into the swollen flesh of my labia. But that’s not what he’s cum back to life for after such a long hard day of working on cars. Nope. He was after a larger treat. 


My azz was full and round and beckoned to him. This was so much different. Now, he took his time. With an azz full of cock, he used my hands behind my back to drive me backwards on top of his rigid length.



You know, he’s always been on that azz. I believe it’s probably 50% of the reason he was so attracted to me to begin with. Of course, I’m sure there was a tie for second place. LOL.



By the time he came I had already orgasmed multiple times. His bed now held a large wet stain. Damn! Looks like I’d be washing his laundry too before the night was over. That, or risk his girlfriend finding out. Eek. That would suck. 



Thank goodness he gave me some dick, because I was getting to the point where I’d have to go hunt me a man down for some meat. You know I love to beg. I mean, hate to beg. (Or did I??) What I’m trying to say is that the website I’ve been on has shown a drop in replies for me, and so, I’ve been calling on some old tactics as a way of paying this month’s phone bill. Oh, it’ll all work out. It always does.


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