Prey for #1 AlphaMale

images-2Ever met that Grade A AlphaMale?? You know, the kind of guy that just is gorgeous and smiling and hung with a delightfully large package? Oh, and in desperate NEED for a talented tongue from a hungry sex addict. Of course, I was elated to oblige him.


This was his second time to my small apartment. The first time was just a blur of face-fucking, tears, and spit. Every moment was bordering on out-of-control desire. He used my face for his own selfish satisfaction. And every moment was like submissive bliss to me. No matter what they say, I’d bet every woman loves to be TAKEN at least every third Sunday. Let me rephrase: every ORGASMIC woman.


I was no different. I could take him in the very back of my throat, so what was I supposed to be afraid of? There has NEVER been a time in my life that my tongue around the head of a cock made me feel ANYTHING other than a POWEREFUL DICK LOVING GODDESS. So, you better believe that him cumming down my throat left me floating on an ego cloud full of pride.


Oh, but he REALLY GAVE ME THE DICK THIS TIME! Deep plunging thrusts into my slick and actively squirting snatch. I COULD NOT STOP CUMMIN!! And he just kept dishing out these intense orgasms until it was time for him to explode. Yes. Yes. YES! I SWALLOWED EVERY LAST DROP! AND LOVED IT! SO…


DON’T KISS ME, Mr. GoodBadDick. I’ll try not to lose any sleep. (wink wink)


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