Just cum on my face, ANTHONY!

All’s better, friends. I’ve kooled way down. He had some nerve, right? (I’m assuring myself that you’re avidly agreeing.) I just brushed that shit off my shoulder and kept on truckin. There are just far, far too many new things going on in my life right at this moment for me to let a spot of negativity bring me back down anywhere near the pit I found myself wallowing in last week. So… on to better times.

No word from anyone yet this morning, but I’m hoping for a call back. Guess we will soon find out. I’ve been jammin comedy tracks through my headphones for the past 3 hours. Some funny. Some require a new label and any fuckin category OTHER THAN comedy. Such as at present… I dare not say who it is. Let’s go back to what we know and love. A little Aziz or Dane Cook. I’m a huge Louis C.K. fan. And Katt Williams. What? What? Lol. (I wish I wasn’t constantly supplying Lol’s like ya’ll have no sense of humor, but, damnit… with my dry azz sense of humor… seriously? Would you know?? (Lol.) I’m feeling fulfilled.

Well, sort of. Of course, I hope today turns out better than yesterday. 

Actually, my ex is hooking up that fucking tv either today or tonight, so… Well, that gorgeous,  hung, short little man is certainly on my ‘nice’ list very early this season. Smooches Anthony…

If you actually do it this time. (Disregard should you decide to a)hang it, b) really read my blog at some point, and c) pick up on the name ANTHONY in bold in the title. LOL. NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. You have no idea how awfully sad and terribly hysterical I find this game.)



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