Sex & TVs – an hour

Good morning, my sexy friends. I am amazed to be up finally, seeing as how I went back to bed 2 times already. Sometimes I pass out so early in the afternoon, that 3ish is actually my morning. 

Not this morning! It’s 7:45 and I’m finally off of the couch. (Of course, I don’t sleep in my bed. My bed is strictly for playtime. Ridiculous fact #1) My windows are now covered, so I have to scan the clock, then subtract an hour to even figure that it’s still morning. 

But here I am, and I’m definitely feeling delicious this morning. It took almost 2 days to recoperate from my first time with my naughty little girlfriend and to write about it. Hope it was enjoyed by all. I know WE ENJOYED IT! It was especially tantalizing just trying to form the words for what actually transpired here the other night. I hope it was worth the wait.

This morning, I have plans. Seeing as how I was out yesterday by 3pm, today will be full of fulfilling my NEEDS. First off, my fucking tv doesn’t fit ANYWHERE in my apartment. So, it’s a cab to WalMart for a screw gun. Once mounted… IT’S ON peeps. Hope to be seeing you later.


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