Well, seems like things are working out well. I have a morning fly-in/fly-out I’m terribly slick about. It won’t be very long, so I’m gonna make it fuckin fabulous. He’s 10 minutes out. Update in 2 seconds, tops. (Oh, the wonder of technology.)

Omg! That fucker was hung. And he had the most beautiful sack (slightly haired) I’d seen IN ABOUT A WEEK. (Lol. Ridiculous fact #2.) Just a gorgeous guy with an even more attractive penis. I am a professional. I can handle both. (Damn right, I can!! Ha!)
He was in a hurry, so he warned me in advance that it might be just a half hour visit. I tidied up the mess I’d made cleaning and jumped in the shower. I was actually ready ten minutes early this time. (No one will ever believe that, I’m sure. And, he’s certainly not hear to confirm. Convenient, isn’t it? Lol. JK. I really was early.)
I wasn’t stunned by his handsome body and just moved immediately to what I wanted… his cock. What he wanted was the very flesh on the bottom of my tonsils. He face fucked me for about three minutes, then came down the back of my throat; even overflowing a bit to cover the top of my long tongue.
Out the door, and out of this tiny town for him. Wow! Not what I was expecting, but certainly enough to brighten my day. I was feeling slightly dick-starved from my day of rest.
Told ya’ll the update wouldn’t disappoint. Stay tuned friends. THE DAY HAS ONLY JUST BEGUN. 


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