“Daddy, don’t.”

2.jpgI prepped slowly, taking my time with the purple and black laced nightie I was now sliding down all of my thickly curved body. I looked spectacular. I only wish I’d had the time to hunt down my glasses for special effect, but it’s too late. The sound of the front door causes me to fly across the room and post myself up deliciously into the nearby living room chair.

She walked in first. I was polite. But irritated. As soon as I saw him, I let it all cum out.

“Do you realize what this child has done? Not like it matters.” He looked completely caught off guard. To drive home my point, I jabbed my finger at the large screen. “This smut was on when I got here. Now do something, or I will. You let her get away with murder, and I’ve had it. Put your foot down.”

Her face was priceless. A mixture of awe and fear. I had finally taken a stance, and I could tell she was concerned about this change of events.

I followed them to the bedroom. It was dim, but I could see him clearly take and bend her body across the edge of the mattress. She was almost in tears. “Please don’t, Daddy.” With every swat, he produced another startled cry from her lips.

She sulked after, wallowing in the pity I found for her sad, childish eyes so full of tears. I hugged her beautiful body, so much like mine, to me. 

“Oh, sure. Console her, now.”

She was so sweet and innocent. So young and tender. I did feel for her. In so many ways. I loved her, but… I was also nurturing his obsession with her punishment and then subsequent gratefulness for the ending of it. I knew what he wanted.

I led her face to my nipple, to soothe her. But she began suckling so fervently that I found myself growing slick and hungry. He forced her to continue the nourishment until she had almost fallen asleep, then it began.

“Taste her.” Such a simple demand. And so difficult to comply with. Once between her nubile legs, I found myself overcome with a passion for the rock solid clitoris growing steadily against my tongue. She tasted of innocence and virginity. 

My tongue eased it’s way inside her delicate crease, and found the thick wetness of arousal there. I licked and scooped and urged the juices further into my mouth, afraid she may awake at any moment.

Suddenly, his cock was in front of my face, perched at her body’s delicate entrance. As I lashed out at her with my tongue, I also took care to lick his penis each time he ran it across the inside of her swollen lips, now bruised with the dark red tint of desire. He stroked my face and her pussy with his stiff, long cock until I was hungry for the taste of his cum on my lips. 

When he did finally explode, it was with great effort. Each drop he spilled on her face was gobbled up by my awaiting tongue. Punishment had been dealt, and our bodies were satiated. All in a good day’s work.

*This intensity can only be discovered when you pre-book for a Naughty Little Native/Laney Lixx Fantasy Pack or Works Package.

**All events are true, as of last night.

***Yup, we finally did it. You boys better beware. If you thought she was good, or I was good… imagine us together??? OMG!! It’s on fellas.


4 Replies to ““Daddy, don’t.””

  1. Daddy did it and wants to do it again. It was amazing fun time, part of me wants to keep my new formed family to myself, but that would be too selfish not to share what we discovered last night.
    Next time she misbehaves, I better be the first one you call. LOL

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