Naughty Little No-No-No

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Yesterday, I was sitting around drinking coffee / pretending to clean my kitchen, when I received a call from my Naughty Little Native. She’s such a young beautiful nymph. Young, I am not. But around her, I feel playful and in the moment. It’s so nice to not be alone. Female friends are the most difficult to find. Let me rephrase… TRUE female friends are the most difficult to find.


Needless to say, in my excitement, I dumped my freshly brewed coffee all over my bluetooth keyboard. Sure. Doesn’t sound like such a big deal. YOU type everyday, or more, on a crappy keyboard. Lol. It truly isn’t funny. But God, I love to laugh. My fucking luck.


So, here I am. Typing on this rusty ole thing. It sucks. But I’m with you people! I know ya’ll all wanna know the naughty little details, don’t you. Well, for now… well, we are feeling each other out. You know, testing the waters. Oooh. I bet you are just waiting to drool. 


Well, you can all let out the air you’ve been holding. Yes, I’ve tasted the fruit that is Naughty Little Native. She’s sexy. She’s fun. Of course, I want me one. Hold on. Don’t get ahead of yourselves. I know everyone is expecting a show, but it’s not for ya’ll yet. You gotta let us sample each other, so we’ll know what to offer up to the rest of you thirsty fellas.


I say this, not to make you jealous, but so that you may finad a juicier vineyard. Let me turn the topsoil a little. You’ll find it so much more tender and fruitful then. Oh, but it’s the picking that amuses me so.


I don’t usually get along with young females. I find them ditsy and unaware. But this one… SHE IS A PEACH. I can honestly say, she will be running circles around me by the time she’s my age. She’s giving me a running for my money just fucking sitting there with her beautiful perky nips and her gorgeous long hair. She is a Princess among children. You need not worry. I’m a very confident Queen.




She’ll be back today. It’s hard for us to stay away from one another. Guess we will check in with ya’ll later for an update. (God! I love my job!)


3 Replies to “Naughty Little No-No-No”

  1. Can’t speak for anyone else, but don’t rush on my account. The splendor of two lucious beings coming together in a decedent consumtion of each other is an art best not rushed. Masterpieces of art take their time and uhm… research. -snicker-

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