Thank you, friends, for helping me to remain sane throughout the past two weeks. The experience has actually left me with a more positive attitude than I originally possessed. 

It certainly brought me and the k9 much, much closer. He has become my closest confidant. Yes. I do tell my puppy everything. Honesty has proven to be one of the more becoming traits I possess. If everyone spoke in the same manner, truly this world would be such a better place to live.

I will tell you this… Just because someone is honest, does not mean they are a good person. If you grab every pants leg on your way down, I have no respect for you. Try to burn others because you yourself feel pain… Not into that at all! Please understand, snitching is not considered a quality of valor.

I cannot help the way I am. I’ve never been any different. You don’t have to understand me. Just respect my wishes. I am a turned-out freak, and have been since the day I first touched myself over 30 years ago. You don’t hear me apologizing for anything I’m not ashamed of. And I make every attempt to be ashamed of NOTHING that I do.

I’ve spent the past 2 days resting and relaxing, so you better believe that I’m feeling horny as a mother fucker today. I had a delicious lunch at The Oar House yesterday, then passed out all of the rest of the afternoon and evening. Now, I’m ready to PLAY.

My body is TUNED FOR STEREO this morning. I can tell my nipples are sensitive and my snatch is slick and ready. BRING ON THE MEN!