Damn. You looked intense. Intensely pissed. You hadn’t looked at me once since we’d gotten into the car. The silence was killing me. I know you think you know what you saw, but you are so totally wrong.

I wanted to explain my whispering in the ear of the guy at the party we’d just left, but I can tell by the firm set of your jaw that you are never gonna believe that it was that innocent. Another fabulous night… down the drain. I’ve got to do something. But what?

Aha! It suddenly seems so very, very hot in here. I swipe at my forehead to remove the imaginary sweat, then undo the top two buttons of my blouse. You show no sign of discomfort. And you definitely showed no sign of noticing the swell of my large breasts, now exposed. Damn!

I fan myself dramatically then push the hem of my skirt up to the tops of my thighs. Poor me. I’m burning up. 

I undo the last few buttons of my shirt and use the silky material to fan my breasts, slightly visible through the black lace of my bra. I see you are now darting glances at me out of the corner of your dark eyes, but have yet to turn in my direction. Time to get serious.

I slide my panties slowly down my legs… over my ankles… then toss them into the backseat. Moving my hand back and forth pushes a slight current of air under my skirt. Wow! It must actually be getting warm in here, because that feels really nice.

I spread my legs slightly, and it causes my skirt to rise until my hairless pussy is completely exposed. The clasp on my bra comes undone easily, and my nipples stand to attention in the green glow from the car stereo. It lights up my body in the most attractive way, like I was naked on my very own dance floor.

Who cares if you’re turned on. Now, I’m getting turned on. But it helps to see you are now focusing most of your attention on me.

I pop a finger in my mouth and suck it for a moment before applying the saliva to the tips of my nipples. They become long and perky and shine instantly. A small squeeze for each, then I rewet my finger and begin to trace the slit between my legs. I can already feel my juices begin to flow.

But the expression on your face… Priceless. Your eyes are hooded as you watch my finger moving back and forth. Until the end dips between my delicate lips.

That’s when I realize you have the car pulled somewhere off of the highway. Now, I have your FULL attention. So, I lean the seat back, and spread my legs wider, so you can really see what your attitude is costing you. And… how TRULY hot I am.

I can feel my pussy melting beneath your hungry stare. My two fingers separate the folds of my lips and expose my nake femininity for your perusal. Boy, did you peruse.

You reach out to me and place a warm finger right in the center of my wetness. I gasp, and it causes you to smile. You smear my juices directly onto the top of my clit and begin to glide across it, slightly at first. Then, you begin increasing the pressure slowly. 

My button immediately swells and hardens. I raise my hips up off of the seat to meet your caress. And the whole time I moan and writhe, you watch me with a look of fascination. I close my eyes and relax into the sensation of pure bliss.

There is a moment of warm breath. Your mouth closes over my left nipple. Your fingers, up and over my clit; in and out of my hot snatch, intermittently gently tugging at my nipples. It is a pleasure overload, and I am in heaven. Your tongue and fingers are urging me over the edge until… you’re suddenly gone.

My eyes flew open to find the car pulled over and empty. Before I even have a chance to react, my door opens, and you take me by the arm out of the seat. The door slams shut. You twist me to face away from you, then reach between my thighs to stroke my kitty again. I cannot help but to spread my legs to allow you better access to your forbidden fruit. You bend me further forward until I’m grasping at the window’s sleek tinted edge.

I reach back to touch you, but you force my hands back into position. I hear your zipper and feel the warmth of your rock solid cock at the entrance to my body. I am so wet that the head is immediately swallowed. I thrust my hips back for more, but you have already pulled it away. 

I whimper pitifully. Your hot flesh is placed against my NEED again. But, again… just a taste. Then you retrieve it, leaving me feeling hollow and empty.

“Please…”, I almost sob.

“Please what?”, was whispered against my ear.

“Please…” I swallow my pride. “Please fuck me.”

Humiliating me even more, you coo, “I’m sorry. What?”

I turned my head and caught you sneering. Then I realize. Now you have MY undivided attention. You asshole!

“FUCK ME!”, I scream loudly and am rewarded by your dick sharply piercing my tight, wet, waiting pussy.

With a gutteral moan, I find my hips pushing back against you until every bit of your flesh is within me. You begin the motion.

It’s a slowly rocking against the swell of my ass. You steady me with your hands as you increase the tempo. In and out. Out, then in. Misery then heaven. Complete satisfaction then tortuous abandon.

I’m lost to oblivion for a few shattered moments, but return to find my heated channel spasming around your buried root, urging you on until you begin to orgasm as well. Hello again, oblivion. My weakened state can only milk your juice until you are left fully spent.

With the last of your energy you say these words… “Guess you won’t be pulling a stunt like that again.”

I glance down at the spot my panties are usually hanging in between my ankles, and I sigh. AFTER THE WAY YOU JUST FUCKED ME?? 

Wanna bet??


9 Replies to “JEALOUSY”

  1. not sure if it didnt go through. I live in Gulf Shores and am new to the hobby game so nervous about seeing you. How are you with newbies? Sounds like on fantastic time according to Eccie. Love all of your blogs.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Just new to the hobby and have seen a few things on eccie and have been following your blog. I live in gulf shores and have been thinking of contacting you for a date. All of your reviews sound amazing and like a no brainer guess Im just a bit nervous I might not be able to handle you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You hae to like that I was paying that close of attention. It has been a week straight that I think about what it would be like to actually be with you inside of your apartment. I have to cum taste you and see what your all about.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You have to like that I paid that close attention. I can not stop thinking what it would be like to be with you. I have to drive over to pcola very soon and get me a taste.

        Liked by 1 person

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