JEALOUSY… part II???

I can’t believe it. Some man drove ME to be jealous. How could I have not seen that coming? How insane is that? And how terribly, awfully rare… So, get this…

I write because I have a brain full of thoughts and am unable to figure them out. If I don’t take them out a few at a time and place them (since the burglary) squarely onto this small white telephone screen, they just swirl loudly through my head all day. Flushing my skull through writing helps to alleviate some of the confusion and stress and, at times, raw anger I feel building inside.

Thank goodness I found an outlet BEFORE my recent current events, or I’d be mush. Pure and simple. Right now. My emotions would brew uncontrollably. My brain would fester and rot; it’s wheel grinding off and away from the little brain rat therein. This could be my reality… if not for ya’ll. 

So, of course, I understand anyone needing the same outlet for their thoughts, there feelings, their desires. How could I not? I understand this NEED. However…


Some of you may have noticed a few of my friends have begun sprouting blogs of their own. No biggie. The more the merrier. I relish reading any delicious dish of words. Especially words spoken so closely to my ear.

However, one of my “friends” left my room with a tude a few weeks back, and suddenly I see a hot review for another chick on the website from him. Then, I receive a link from him to his blog… almost entirely written about this one chick. Infatuation, not the word.

That’s kool. Not that I warrant a mention, but it would have been nice.

Did I mention, the TUDE he walked out on? Did I mention we were having a conversation that he had walked out on? Oh. My bad. Yes, we were in the midst of a conversation about my health and his never-ending hard-on. Dude… 2 hours plus… Ah… Ah… YA BULLSHITTIN. After spraying him with cum repeatedly, I was more than famished. He walked out like I wasn’t shit. 

So, yes, after my attack, he asked me how I was via text. So that he could run back and tell everyone from the website. Of course, I responded. He sent a few more texts since then. ALL about hooking up. People, we were seeing each other as “friends” ever since I moved into this place, and I’ve paid rent twice, so… it’s not like he walked out on our first time.

I go to sleep rather early at night, so I’m always waaay to chipper at like 5am every morning. Well… he caught me up. And for some reason, I answered the phone. 

Boy, did I lay into him. It finally occurs to me… WHAT THE FUCK?? I’m fucking jealous. This jerk led me in hook, line and sinker. He thought that, like with most women, get ’em jealous. Then they will cum running back. What the hell was I falling for some childish game like that for?? But I did.

He wrote about her and other crazy musings on his blog, but not one mention of the escort that began it all. Really? Really??

Now, not only does he not write at all, it seems his apex in life is to have me see ‘his good side’. Oh, is that all? Well, then, darlin. Turn around.


3 Replies to “JEALOUSY… part II???”

  1. I’m slowly working my way through your blog. Thanks for sharing.
    Great stories and even a little insight into deeper parts of your psyche.
    It’s been a little while since I’ve seen you, but would love to catch up. Especially since you’re a little closer now.

    Liked by 1 person

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