Lilac Lilies & Lesbos

You know, I was in the midst of transcribing one of my stories for ya’ll, when my guest game over. She was sexy, and cute in a white dress with bright colored flowers splashed all about. It had no shoulders, and was bared to her (OMG! THIS LADY HAS SOME BEAUTIFUL…) breasts. Mostly though, I was enraptured by the swish it made around her shapely hips and thighs. She’s one sexy azz miss. 

I talk easily (I CAN HEAR YOU FRIENDS), and so does she, so we hit it off like ole friends. But I find myself dazzled by this dark goddess of desire across from me. She’s the perfect figure of a woman. She’s intelligent. She’s charming. She’s kind. She’s sexy as hell! 

But most importantly…


I haven’t been attracted to another woman enough to engage in even a hello in MANY months. But this chick… she’s stirring something deep inside. You see, there is something I would like to give her that most everyone she knows can’t… 


I can give her my God-given sensuality. And yes, I definitely WANNA give it to her. I have a feeling she may have a quite a bit of her own to give in return. This is something I’m rarely wrong about. 


Step back fellas, because our first time might just be an inferno. I forgot my band-aids, so I’d hate if ya’ll got hurt.

Thanks for the new fantasies NLN! Ready for REALITY???


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