3 Loud Cheers for the Newbie

Boy, you fellas are a mess. So, I just met my first date of the evening. A sexy young guy with intense eyes. He was a looker and such a charismatic gentleman for his age.

We went at each other immediately. He seemed overly determined to make me squirt as much as humanly possible before he was finished. And, that, he almost did.

The bed was soaked. The icee he had bought me before our date, now, almost completely liquid. I felt high from the o’s and drunk from the passion. I was physically a mess, to be sure.

You men. Such craziness. Don’t ya’ll think that after so long being an escort, and so much longer being a slut, that I would know if you’d cum before arriving? Or that the “plan” you’d made in advance of our meeting would be evident to me? I mean, it’s completely obvious in every move you make.

Okay, so I get that ya’ll wanna show me the best time possible. But what’s your REAL purpose? To impress me? Or to impress other folks? Cause, no offense, but surely ALL THAT wasn’t for just little ole me.

But if it was….



One Reply to “3 Loud Cheers for the Newbie”

  1. Don’t you know men are biologically geared to find pleasure in female enjoyment? Like, right in the old wiring? Seriously, nothing better than a plan coming to … florishen. hehehe

    -sigh- glad your dates are off to a good start. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must return to my evening of reviewing the world of … gah, politics. -grumble grumble grumble-

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