Thank you. Thank you for reading. For listening. You have no idea… Before talking with you, I just lived in a world of orgasms and music and cuss words. lol. (Truth.) Sounds fabulous, right? Who knows. Loneliness is the life of the escort. Lots of time alone sprinkled with spots of deliciousness. 

A pet helps (I finally admit aloud). Someone to you can talk to. His advice sucks though. Thank you so much for being that friend when I felt alone. For listening AND responding. For agreeing and, at times, avidly disagreeing with me. If not for your friendship…

I would fall to the floor in a crumpled mess. My best friend has left this world. God. I hated his guts. And I loved him more than any other. If not for you I’d be…


I just decided what I’m gonna write about today. Have you ever orgasmed to a song?? 



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