Fucked in STEREO

So, ya’ll wanna know how to get off to music?? Hell, yeah! I’ve totally done it. And just to prove it had really happened the first time, I did it again. So, twice I’ve orgasmed to a song. 

Queensryche’s ‘ANOTHER RAINY NIGHT’ was one of my teenage anthems. OMG! When I was 17, I was jamming my azz off to that song with my best (hot azz) girlfriend. We’d sing it at the top of our lungs. Didn’t matter where we were; bowling alleys, the beach, stuffed into the passenger seat of a Nova that was smothered in bondo and secured with wire. A filthy little man in dirty overalls behind the wheel steering us home from the The Night Owl. And when Geoff Tate sang that chorus… Oh God! You could feel his pain. You could so hear it in his voice. It was terribly beautiful. And we were addicted.

Almost 20 years after first hearing that melody, it appears in my all song shuffle. At first, I was just stunned and happy I still knew the words. I sang them out loudly in my hotel room, no cares for who was nearby. 

But when that chorus hit… I was done. I was sucked into an explosion of orgasm that soaked my panties and stunned my system. Two days later, I recreated the environment and… the same thing. 

So, it’s not a fluke. It can happen. And God! Was it good! No drug or alcohol could ever equal that velveteen inferno. I just thought of something I gotta go do. See ya!


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