WORLD without DICK… Population: 0

Well, I had every intention of cleaning up my kitchen, but someone had other plans. You guessed it. Damn chihuahua. Trying to make me forget about my wrecked abode to snuggle a little longer on the couch. Silly puppy. Pups and Lixx’s Trixx just do not a balanced meal make.Ha!

You know, I always considered myself a drama-free person, but it’s looking so much different now that it’s in print. Is anyone else finding this life just a wee bit INTENSE? And not the good kind of intense either. Nope. I’m talking about that shit that makes you shake your head and sigh when you see it happen to someone else. “Another one bites the dust.” Well, hey. I’m still here. Aren’t I?

As I’m sure you’ve realized, STILL HERE is oftentimes like juggling a dozen nuts and bolts with stiff fingers. Oh. That’s just me, right? Screw you. You know that this world would be a much better place to live… IF THERE WASN’T ANYONE ON IT. Just me again? I see.

Well, I guess I just prefer to be me. All the time. Freakishly naughty or downright filthy. Deep down, I’m just a southern sweetheart with a compassionate heart that wishes, fantasizes, (and, yes) even dreams of a totally different place. A land of trusting people. A whole world filled with trustworthy folks. Hey, even if bullshit stopped flying through the air right now, this world still wouldn’t be a perfect place to live. Of course not. 

Truly trusting someone takes more than just honesty. You gotta be able to count on that person. And not just to tell you the truth. Ouch. Who really needs that 100% of the time anyway? (Trick question? We women have this game imbedded in our genes. Awww. No answer? BINGO! I win!) 

Look… I know it sounds like I’m bitching. I’m just sayin… let’s love one another more. Just stick a cock in your mouth and shut the fuck up for a few. And you ma’am. Join him. (ROFLMAO!) Hey! Ready for the juicy part???

{This may throw a few of you off. My regular freaks… Well, no worries there.}

So, this site that I’m on is crazy. Not only do the guys review the escorts, but they also have an EOS section. I just picture them with cigars and snifters; hair, wet and slicked; swapping the REAL DISH. The “I’D DEFINITELY GO BACK. YES! {if she lost 20 pounds and washed those glasses in her kitchen sink.”} Who’s listening now?

And on that account, WHAT WOMAN WOULD WANNA BE A FLY ON THAT WALL??? I’ve hung around guys long enough to know for a fact they truly do discuss shit like that. But it’s never hurt me too damn much, and I have faults-o-plenty. Tell ya what. Just don’t mention it at all unless it truly would stop you from fucking me. We CERTAINLY can’t have that, now could we? GREEDY would SORELY miss you. (Peeps… meet Greedy. Greedy the clit, these are my peeps.)

So, obviously, in this ‘special’ room, someone really spilled the beans. Now everyone seems to know. I mean, that’s the only way. I’ve checked every chat, and they sure aren’t discussing it in public. Now every guy from here to Talahassee knows I speak two languages. INSANITY I TELL YA!

Okay. It’s out. I’m bilingual. And, yes. I actually prefer to use a full-bodied greek tongue when addressing other’s whom I find to be also fluent. Ah, what a pleasure to delve into a deeper form of communication. Thank you, boys. Without your help, I wouldn’t have so many new “friends”.  But that’s alright…



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