Talking in Tongue

You know, it’s not everyday you get the chance to speak and be heard. Ha! Unless you’re a blogger, I’m realizing. Even if there were only a half dozen open minds reading these very words… I mean, WOW! What would you call that? Oh, that’s right. An opportunity!


Hello ladies. If there are even a half dozen of you reading this… well, I’d be a little more than astonished. Possibly just a wee bit more than that. Well, hey… If there are some lovely ladies reading along, please allow me to thank you in advance for giving me just a moment of your time.


I just assumed all females thirsted for the taste of a cock. I’d always longed for that look that a man gives you when he suddenly realizes that this was what a bj was supposed to feel like. Middle school girls were always talking about how good they were at head, and that was way before I ever felt comfortable enough to admit, even to myself, that dick licking was no new thing to me. So, you better believe, as soon as I reached high school, it was on. Oh, yea. I definitely sucked the fuck outta some cock in high school. I recall more than one or two (yeah, TOO many to count) occasions where I was actually caught by the girlfriend of the guy’s penis I would have stuffed down the back of my throat. Good times. Good times. Not that it was right. (Of course not. Wrong tastes way better than right).


Oh, shit. Tell me I didn’t lose the ladies ALREADY. I’m not trying to offend. I really just wanted to ask a quick question. Beautiful, intelligent women, do ya’ll really NOT enjoy sucking dick? Surely this cannot be the norm in 2016. However, truth be told, I can’t recall the last time I heard a woman say she really, REALLY (come on ladies… you know what the fuck I mean by REALLY) enjoyed it. Not unless there was a man within earshot. And then the bitch would never shut up. Lol. Sorry. Drunk chicks are funny.


So, women don’t enjoy sucking dick?? It’s really like that? No way. Ladies, do you realize gay men are killing us at satisfying men?? I mean, we’re just okay with that? You know, we are really slacking. We’ve had the opportunity to practice every since the day we ate that apple instead of Adam’s delicious snake. Sure, they might seem strange at first. Especially if you haven’t spent too much time up close and personal. (Lol.) Hey, no worries. You’ll grow to appreciate them. But, how can you GROW to appreciate them, if you can’t even make them GROW.


Oh, wait. It’s totally starting to make sense. My love for sucking cock; my attraction to obscene porn; my obsession with getting off… Oh no.


I’m a dude.


Yea right. I have the prettiest bare kitty that has always loved cummin out to play so much that I finally had to name her “GREEDY”. I think perhaps I used to feel more ‘dudish’ (in control). When I was younger, if I liked the swell of a fella’s jeans, then I would just claim that cock for my own. Then, I would use everything I knew about sucking and applied it fervently to his tender rod.


(“My how she’s grown.”) These days I prefer gentle suckling, licking the head lovingly, mixed in with just the right amount of deep-throat. I even love to just sit back and let a man fuck the shit out of my mouth like it’s his own. All of this just elevating him further and further to a higher plain of ecstasy. What a rush.


How the fuck could ANYONE not enjoy that???


Ladies, you may have heard the commonly known fact that “PUSSY IS POWER”. Sadly, I must inform you (possibly a little late) that PUSSY is only POWERFUL if you USE IT! (NEVER TOO LATE!) It’s all the same thing. PLEASE THAT MAN. Please that man, and you might just discover that it’s PLEASURABLE to give PLEASURE. See, you seem to forget… if you make love to his cock just like you keep wishing he’s make love to you…

Maybe he would.


2 Replies to “Talking in Tongue”

  1. Preaching to the choir here….fellow lady who also loves to suck cock…and have it fuck my mouth. It’s so fucking empowering when that taste of cum hits and I’ve got my guy off using just my mouth…just my mouth

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