READy for an Oldie but goody???


I’ ve been influenced by a sexy LINEBACKER in need of some more sexy reading. So… this one’s for you, darlin. 

I began early, reading my mama’s passionate novels, but by middle school I was writing my own stories. I even sold a few in high school. Here’s a bit that I published (ha!) a few years ago as a compilation of short stories. Hope ya’ll enjoy. 


I couldn’t help it. This mother fucker was so damn fine. From his sexy body to his deep brown eyes. Oh, and his ass had definitely caught my full attention. I didn’t realize I had subconsciously run my tongue across my lips until I saw him turn in my direction, and his mouth formed into an evil grin. Wait! What the hell was he laughing at? I started to check my appearance for something embarrassing when I noticed he wasn’t the only one watching me. Every single person at the barbeque stand was glaring at me! Including the guy in the window calling out “fourteen”. Sure enough, fourteen was written in large black numbers across the top of my handwritten ticket. Damnit! 

I went to the window and retrieved my pork sandwich, keeping my head low. Just hoping maybe the hottie wouldn’t notice the red blush that now stained my cheeks. I hurried around the little building and headed the two blocks to my car. Suddenly, I felt air behind me, only moments before strong hands took me by the arm and practically snatched me into the small alley between two of the downtown buildings. As soon as I went to scream for help, a strong hand forced itself over my mouth. I found those brown penetrating eyes only inches from my own. He turned to see if anyone caught his deviant behavior. When there was no change in the scenery, he turned back to face me with a gleam in his eyes and a smile on his absolutely delicious lips. 

“Guess you thought you were cute flirting with me like that right in front of my old lady, didn’t ya?” He removed his hand from my mouth and forced it onto the swell in his jeans. “How’s that for cute?” 

My gasp must have been taken as an invitation, because he pressed his lips hard to mine. It was an angry kiss at first, and I kind of whimpered. Then I felt his tongue push inside and that changed very quickly. It was gentle, touching my own tongue softly. But as I responded and forced his out to taste those lips of his, the pace picked up, and it was like we were trying to eat each other alive. Instinctively dropped my purse and the plastic take-out box and grabbed the back of his head with one hand. I cupped his ass cheek with the other.              

The pressure of his body was molding my back flat into the red brick wall. Even with my eyes closed I could feel him lifting my shirt up between us then popping my breasts out one at a time from my black lace bra. I wanted to cry out for real when he backed out of the kiss and took one of my large nipples into that hot mouth of his. My God! This mother fucker was gonna fuck me right here and now in the afternoon sun, and I don’t think I’d ever wanted anything more in my life! 

I held my other breast up to his mouth, so that it wasn’t forgotten in the frenzy. When he took it from me, I reached down to grab the swell I’d felt moments before. Only it was so much more than that now. I needed to see it; taste it. I wanted it inside my body as badly as I needed oxygen to breathe. He saw my frustration and backed up more to give me room. It took only moments to release him and only seconds more to drop to my knees and take his beautiful cock into my awaiting mouth. God! He did taste good. I sucked for a moment then backed off to see it glisten with my saliva all down the shaft and dripping onto his balls. I smiled, pleased, and began to take my time teasing him by wrapping my tongue around the head then sliding it up and down his length. I hoped he was watching how well I was servicing that gorgeous cock of his, because i wanted him to reward me in the way that i deserved. I tried to continue the torment, but I found myself growing ever more insistent in my suckling until he lifted me up by my arms to face him again. I licked his pre-cum from the corner of my mouth and sneered at him dangerously. I knew I was gonna get it now. And, boy, was I right. He reached under my skirt and snatched my panties down, then roughly pushed his knee between my legs until they were forced to spread wide. His fingers entered me easily with the slickness sucking his dick had created. I did cry out this time as he stroked knowingly with them while rolling my clit under his thumb. Oh my God! I grabbed his shoulders hard, buried my face into his neck, and came into the palm of his hand. the Bastard Was A God! I had no time to catch my breath before he placed my leg around his waist, dipped low and entered me smoothly and easily. My pussy accepted him like he had always belonged inside my body; was made for me. I held onto him like I feared falling off as he pushed again deep, deep inside. Soon, I was less holding on, and much more riding him like the stallion he was. It may have been forever. It could have been only a few minutes, but I felt his body tensing against my own. I felt his cock pulsing with blood like a heart-beat inside of me. Only a breath later, I cried out sadly as he pulled the heat from my pussy and spilled himself on the wall between my thighs. Neither of us moved. Slowly the dream seemed to fade away as I felt the breeze for the first time in what seemed like forever. He slowly placed me back on both of my feet. I felt weird and uncomfortable and completely satisfied. I reached down for my panties and slammed my forehead into his chin. The world tuned black for a moment as I forced the dizziness away. I opened my eyes and noone was there. It had all been a dream. I caught my breath and took a step forward…and found my foot deep in the center of a cold barbeque sandwich. 


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