Life trips me out people. You know, when I was younger, I had the most skewed sense of reality. I truly believed that life was FAIR. You know, meant to be fair. As in, at the end of an average day, (okay, just please try to follow me here, even though I might possibly sound like I’m on a mild acid trip) on the big giant scales of life, when they evened out, that was known as fair. And that, in general, that was how it was. Overall, things were supposed to be fair. And people fought in the courts for FAIR treatment. And that society, as a whole, was mostly made up of fair-minded people.

Okay, so I’ll just wait for you to quit laughing…

Anytime now…

On my behalf, I would like to say… don’t all children think that when they are growing up? I mean, maybe I was a late bloomer. With all of the trauma in my life, I suppose I never truly felt traumatized. Huh? I mean, wouldn’t that have to be true for me to have been so jaded about things??

I grew up in one of the worst neighborHOODs in my medium sized hometown. Out of the about 500,000 people who live there, about 20,000 of them are from the area I was raised in. My mother and all of her siblings grew up there. As did my children and I. It is an area that used to be just a butt-load of farmland. But as the city grew up, it also grew out, and flooded the farmland with a mix of country/city folk who still were of the lower/middle class status that the farmers and general country-folk originally possessed. And where there is poverty, there is also crime. So, yes, it is the hood. But there are a lot of non-thugs who live there also. Lol. Maybe not thug, but certainly not perfect either.

And how the hell could I be jaded?? That’s ridiculous. My childhood home, a trailer, was broken into so many times when I was a kid, that my dad just got a heavier and heavier tv until we ended up with one of those huge wooden floor models that weighed ike a thousand pounds. And when we lived in the heart of that hood, I remember having at least five bikes, but don’t recall riding even one.

Shit. Again, I’ll wait until you’re finished laughing.

Ahem. Thank you. Yes. I said trailer. In my lifetime I have probably lived in at least 20 of them bad boys. Now, who’s jaded?

Still, I grew up believing this way, and was definitely at least 21, before I realized that LIFE IS NOT FAIR. It’s not even close. Not that people necessarily make it that way. (PEOPLE TOTALLY MAKE IT THAT WAY!) It’s just the way it is. UNFAIR is actually how life is. FAIR is something altogether different. Like, at least half of the damn lights being green. Now wouldn’t that be nice once in awhile? LMFAO!

You would not believe how wonderful I felt when I discovered karma (or what lots of people also refer to as GOD). Hell Yeah! For a way-to0-fucking nice bitch like me, I’d just discovered the North Pole; bearded fucker, presents, and all. Then I realized it was confirmed in the Bible. IN THE BIBLE! Hell! That would be some fucking kind of coincidence wouldn’t you say?! Of course, my mother would say it was JESUS. But, who cares what anyone believes??? It’s real, peeps.

At first, I couldn’t believe it at all. Ha. Ha. Karma. GOD. It wasn’t true. Couldn’t be. Hold up. “How many fuckin times did you just say I was getting back?” No matter, how you look at it, a “do no harm” chick like me would definitely be on the RECEIVING end of either of those relationships. No matter how it ends up. My “let me fucking help you because almost all people are inherently good; it’s just there upbringing and experiences…” blah, blah, blah attitude sure hadn’t gotten me anywhere. Lol. What a fucking bunch of shit.

Despite how I may have felt, though, that never changed the way that I lived my life; how I tried to treat people. Each day giving back love to those around me. Creating and sharing laughs with people I sometimes didn’t even know, on a daily basis. Are you with me, people? Then, it became far too obvious to deny.

So, hell yeah I believe in karma. I’ve fucking seen it happen. To me? Yes. To others? HELL YES! I’ve most definitely witnessed first hand, people who had done evil shit to me… ooh, boy, did they get that shit done back to them like a mother. The Bible says a shit-load multiplies by eternity. I simply believe that ten sounds like a pretty consistent number that I’ve observed. And, who knows, perhaps they get back more if they are evil. That would be fucked up, but FAIR. 

TEN FUCKING TIMES THE EVIL SHIT YOU DO TO OTHERS WILL BE DONE UNTO YOU! It doesn’t have to be said by any GOD for me to know it is true. “You reap what you sow.” (Damn. I swear I’m not trying to preach. LOVE YOU MAMA! Ha! She doesn’t even read this. Of course she doesn’t read this!)  

Lol. Naw. I’m just sayin… you fuckers wonder what’s up in your life? BETTA CHECK YOURSELF AND HOW YOU TREAT OTHERS. That KARMA shit will bite you in the ass, buddy. My main evidence of it’s existence is this… Look at me. Yes, shit sucks most times. Actually, most times, it sucks worse than ten friends partying it up at your place on jagerbombs, and you begin with a migraine headache. 

That’s because “LIfe’s not FAIR.” Nor was it meant to be fair. Let’s grow up people. If it’s sucking for you, why the hell would you think that just because someone has more ‘toys’ or more smiles on their silly little faces than you do, that they aren’t suffering any at all like you are? It sucks all over, people. LIFE FUCKING SUCKS FOR EVERYONE! Smiles can hide tears, darlin. And, for those like me, we just choose not to be shitty about it.

I’ve watched some people I considered to be VERY good people with strong hearts of kindness, do very shitty things to me. Ooh hoo. Especially in 2016. And, yet, it’s almost daily that I send good thoughts (and, yes, even prayers) their way. I truly do hope that they are well, happy, and safe. Unfortunately, I know better than anyone else…

The reason ya’ll hate on me is because you see the very few nice things I own and the ease with which I give those things and my compassion away to help others, and (DEFINITELY) you see the kindness that others have shown me. And they just assume that I’m better off than they are. Then they construct some completely ridiculous reason to be mad at me. Just something to explain why they are about to do something OR have already done something to me that was just downright shitty as hell. Something in no way deserved. Usually after I’ve treated them with nothing but genuine friendship and love. If any of them have realized by now that a masterhead69 blog would HAVE TO BE written by the original MasterHead69, then they already know whom I’m speaking about. If you are questioning your own status, then don’t worry. You’re probably in the clear on this one. But if you are 100% sure it can’t be you… the likelihood is… DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! Look at all the fucking winners!

Thank GOD for KARMA!!


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