So, I’m leaving for two days, and my phone has not stopped beeping from text, email and voice mail messages. You know, some of you fellas don’t take into consideration how many OTHER gentlemen contact me as well. What probably astounds me the most is when someone gets an attitude with me because I don’t return their message quickly enough. Come on now. We are not children. 

Think about how hectic your life is… okay, what makes you think that mine is any less hectic? Also, I have three children I enjoy spending time with when I’m able. They really make me laugh sometimes. I like to do that as often as possible, WITHOUT ANY DISRUPTIONS. And what if I’m on a date? Wouldn’t you want my full attention when we finally meet?

Hey, this is just a little note. Just something on my mind. Please try to understand… I care very much how my actions affect others. I would never intentionally cause someone harm. It’s a fact, for real. So, let’s put our big boy pants on cause I’ve gotta date.


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