Please gimme Moe!

My many many apologizes for being gone so long. I literally slept for 3 straight days. Today’s Monday right? Lol. Not really sure what was going on. But I can sure tell ya what wasn’t going on. I WASN’T GETTING NO DICK! 

I was up this morning at 4:30. Not because I’d had enough sleep. I think it’s so very obvious I have had TOO MUCH sleep. No. I was forced out of bed by an aching back and stiff knees. Yes. Being on my knees for the past thirty-something years sucking cock definitely puts a hurting on a body.

Half of my first cup of coffee ended up dripping down the wall BEHIND my computer (thank goodness). Did I mention I was clumsy? I must have reheated the second cup three or four times, but it still ended up down my throat. Finally able to see a bit better, I realized… MY HOME WAS A SHIT-HOLE! It was terrible! Three days of couch sitting (sleeping) does not a clean home make. I nodded, my purpose noted and accepted. 

Two hours later, I could finally look around and smile. The candles and heated oils were all lit. The many white christmas lights sparkled against every edged object. My sexy ass neon Pink Q’Suare Lamp was bright as hell. Illuminating the corners the small twinkling lights had missed. Unfortunately, my date was a few hours away. Far too soon to fit in anything else. 

Like every other day, my first phone call was to my green guy. Moe was a sexy azz black man who favors a young teenage mischief maker from his playful twisted locks to his cheeky azz grin. My buddy, Moe. I recall being in the red with him on some green… Hold up. I don’t remember smoking any the past three days. Actually, I recall wanting to smoke and not being able to because it wasn’t within arm’s reach. Lol. 

There it was… right in the bubble gum case like always. Six g’s, all light green and completely laced in tiny red-hairs. The smell permeated my hair and clothes and intoxicated my senses as I inhaled it with open mouth and nose. That was the quickest blunt I’ve ever rolled, and boy… was it pretty.

One and a half blunts later, still waiting on Moe. Someone texts me asking about my taste in porn. I guess I was bored, or something. Anyway, I told him, “I’m watching porn right now!” Well, that actually didn’t sound like a bad idea. So, I searched out the type of porn he enjoyed (pantyhose porn). The shit was kinky and definitely something I’ve gotta try in the near future. Wow. And I thought I’d seen everything.

Well, you know me… I went and grabbed the last two vibrators that work (this is sad. I probably am gonna need a whole post just to explain this), dropped my panties, then my ass… right on top of them. DELICIOUS. Probably the closest thing to a man receiving head that a female can get. That gentle vibration a constant and assured sensation. But my porn went from pantyhose, to teen sluts, then doggie sex. WTF! Who has tastes so fuckin extreme???

Finally, with a little help from two of my fingers (one circling my clit and the other stroking my g-spot at the same tempo), I came furiously and delightfully in the center of the pink and sparkling lights. My right hand was full of the thin, almost translucent, juices of my orgasm.

I couldn’t help it. I used the smaller toy to continue the assault on my pussy. I pictured sluts in fishnet stockings, red heels and even redder lipstick. I pitctured slick vaginal lips that begged for a very large object to penetrate it’s soft creamy depths. I could see a man suckling another man’s penis lovingly. These nasty pictures had me squealing loudly and gratefully and squirting all the way to the end of the bed. I know this because when I finally gave up and went to stand, I found my flip flop drenched in those very same juices.

I tossed the toys in the basket and stepped out of the bedroom just in time for a frightening knock on the door. I was so knocked off balance that I asked who it was through the door. OF COURSE! MOE! How had I forgotten so quickly? Oh Yeah. Hee. Hee. Hee. 


One Reply to “Please gimme Moe!”

  1. I have those ‘nothing but sleep’ spells occasionally. They suck, oh so much and coming back to reality afterwards is no picnic. “Did I not go to work? *How* did I not get my ass to *work*? -panic-”

    That said, stocking porn is a thing outside of hentai? To Google! Just gotta not end up at doggie porn too, which I totally … haven’t ever done that. Honest. -whistles innocently-

    Well, at least you got your uhm… engines running again in what sounds like fine form. hehe.

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