“Friends” Forever

So let’s give a shout-out to my older gentlemen “friends”.  Some of them have some very INTERESTING ideas of a good time, but I’m always down for just about every damn thing… EXCEPT PAIN!  Of course.  Despite the fact that it’s a hard one to swallow (hee hee), I actually feed off of other’s pleasure.  I’ve always called it a “Pleasure Pleaser”.

I get it… It sounds a little rediculous but despite what you might think, there are other’s like me.  Unfortunately, mostly men that I’ve noticed.  (Or maybe I just know a lot more males than females.)  I love to feel a fella out, until I am able to sense his need.  Okay, come one.  Of course, I don’t claim perfection. Lol.

Maybe it’s a gift.  I’ve been given the ability to please myself by pleasing others.  Lol.  Yeah!  Perhaps it’s more like blessed or just fucking lucky!  Not many can claim as much.  And… well, you know me…  the naughtier the better!  Not that I have anything against a sensual sexual experience.  You know… lips pressed;  flesh to flesh;  gentle and smooth;  with an overly heightened explosion as the end result.  Yes, It’s all good  to me.  Lol.

Until we speak again…

Lotsa Lixx  


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