The dark secret of the sex trade is definitely that it is loneliest job a gal could ever choose for herself.  I hate this.  Almost my entire life I have been honed and nursed into this sexually starved individual that I now am.  Yet, I am utterly alone.  You can’t have a true partner.  They are usually married.  Or they don’t look at you as anything but an object.  You can’t tell the complete truth, because life turns men off. They come to us to escape it.   So, here i sit…

I think I quit.


6 Replies to “Sorry”

  1. I hope you don’t quit. You’re a unique woman who brings happiness in lives without; Someday you will find a man who makes you just as happy as you make him. Then you can quit.

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  2. I hope you don’t quit. You’re a unique person who is capable of making other people happy. Someday someone will make you just as happy too, regardless of your profession. Then it might be time to quit. Not now.


  3. Do what you gotta do to be happy, or at least what will lead you to what bits of happiness you can grasp. Just that and fuck the rest. Hate to hear that your hurting so, just hope you’ll find your way to alright. (Sorry, I’m not so good at the whole cheering up thing. -_-; )

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