I’m not sorry, just apologetic…

Let’s see… Guess I have some explaining to do.

This morning, I awoke like a hungover teenager-groggy and rundown. Really, if felt alot more like I’d been run over.  I bumped into the wall twice on my way to the bathroom. I return to find 14 unread text messages and countless emails blocking up my phone’s screen. 

First text, a soon to be new “friend” used 3 messages to inform me that overnight, in the midst of my slumber, I had received a bad review. Despite half a cup of coffee, I still could only vaguely recall the events of yesterday. I remember getting super hot in the Dollar Store. I have a foggy recollection of inhaling half a peanut butter sandwich when returning home, in hopes of feeling less ill. After that, I know I answered the phone twice, probably more. Actually, it suddenly occurs to me, one of those calls was probably the alarm I set sometime in the early afternoon, when I finally came to the realization that I was unable to keep my very own eyes open by my strength alone. 

When I first heard about the escort site, I was so excited. Finally. Something that got down to the truth of the business. A place to bring together it’s two major contributors.  “Friends” that were clean, and decent, and just looking for an honest good time, would finally have the ability to hear the truth about ladies, like myself, who were truly in it because they enjoyed it. What could be more perfect?

For years, I’ve competed with younger, thinner, more energetic females who would spend days on end first copying my ads (almost word for word), and then, quickly, flagging them. It was a constant battle against girls that were more in search of the quick cash, rather than an actual good time. At times, scorned men would take out their frustrations on me. On several occasions, ripping me off, thinking it was in some way alright because someone ‘like’ me did the same to them. An honest site could be nothing but good for an honest lover of men like me. Right?

Last year, I finally gave in and went to an emergency room in Alabama. 2 years of pain and chronic kidney infections, and I no longer had the strength to work, least of all… live. Our new “affordable healthcare” has definitely created more sick people than well, and I am a physical first-hand example of this fact. When I suffered kidney failure in 2013, Stupid Heart Hospital released me after 8 very bad days and, finally, one day where (at least) I finally wasn’t on my death bed,  with a script for 20 tabs and a referral to the County Health Clinic. Surely you can see why I chose an out-of-state hospital this time.

The first Alabama hospital found me to be severely dehydrated and in kidney failure. Three days later, they shipped me via amabulance to USA. Two weeks, and 2 major surgeries later, I was released with a buttload of staples in my gut and a diagnosis. Unfortunately, I cannot afford “affordable healthcare”, so I now live with a kidney stent in my urether that was due to be removed in February of this past year. As the months have passed, I have slowly found myself wth less and less energy. And, at times, just generally very tired.

I’m not looking for symphathy. I can only imagine how foolish I would feel if I was stood up in the way that yesterday’s “friend” was. I can only say that I’m sorry, and hope that he realizes it was unintentional. Unfortunately, out of the countless “friends” who’ve known me personally and are also on the site, only one was kind enough to write a review of me. So, out of the 2 reviews, 50% of them are bad. I’m not sure that will help me in anyway with future sexual encounters, and is the reason I wrote the pitiful (and I admit, rediculous) “I’m Sorry” post. 

So, the biggest of apologies to those of you who take the time out of your busy lives to experience a wee bit of mine… I’m sorry if I sounded like I wouldn’t write again. I find it more and more difficult to remain relative in the scene of hotties that are now the local escorting norm. Despite drug addictions, and a tendency to rush sexual encounters, they win again. If I was as good as my “friends” have lead me to believe, I now hold a 50% possible good time rating. 

I do have regular “friends”, and I could fill up buildings with pages of stories of past experiences that would leave many either laughing, shaking their heads, or stroking themselves absentmindedly. So, I won’t give up. Not as long as anyone still cares to ready about me and my insane life. And please forgive me for assuming I even could give up after such a silly situation. I may be as lustful as any man, but deep down… I’m still just a sensitive pussy.

Thanks for listening.


One Reply to “I’m not sorry, just apologetic…”

  1. Eh, I wouldnt stress over posting about a rough day (and holy hell did it sound rough), all us reasonable folk know they happen. Always will, at some point. And… thats an even rougher review curve than writing about people doing the horizontal boogie. My god.

    That said, a lustful and sensitive pussy? Thumbs up. *Always* thumbs up. 😀

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