Perverse Pleasures

Okay. Let’s talk porn. You know, you can learn a lot about a person by asking them one simple question…

“When you go to watch porn, what are the first five words you type into the search box?”
See! I told ya. Did I throw you off balance just a little there? Now, be honest. I, myself, am a freak. And, as such, am attracted to those of my kind. Maybe my previous question doesn’t tell you so much about the actual person, but it’s definitely where I like to start. And, of course, just the honest answering of such a question says so much all by itself.

Over time, one’s boundaries get nudged, pushed, and slid further and further from what you WOULD NEVER DO, and closer and closer to what you JUST HAVE YET TO DO. Oh, I thoroughly enjoy indulging in my favorite and nastiest of carnal pleasures for a few hours every now and then. You know, not just your regular porn. More the type that, at first, may have repulsed you. …until you realized that just watching it left your genitals humming. I do so love a good buzz. Oh, as far as movies go, I much prefer amateur porn of the naughtiest variety. In fact, sleep and taboo clips really turn me on. And, at this point, those are all I will mention. Yes, my tastes (at times), could possibly be described by some as obscene, so I dare not mention them… yet. Perhaps. When we know each other better. 

So… what shall I watch today? Nothing too graphic. It’s been a few days, so I wanna get a real good one. But, it can’t be too good. That would be even worse. Once stimulated fully, my pussy becomes a deep purple hue and swells shut tight. At that point, I am absolutely not responsible for what I do. I’ve spent days, (ACTUAL DAYS!), watching raunchy videos and playing with my many toys. The entire time, I swear, I am completely unable to stop. And more often than not, it usually continues this way until my hands, arms or the delicate flesh of my pussy has become weak and achey, and I just can’t continue on any longer.

I mean, can you imagine being controlled exclusively by your own body. I’ve shed physical tears of frustration before many times. And this, after already orgasming at least a half dozen times. Oh! I am definitely not looking for anything as intense as that today. I think I’ll just settle for a little moaning and a lot of sexy shots. You know. Something a little more on the innocent side of things. So… what am I gonna type in the search box today?

“MILF”, “FORCED”, “SQUIRT”, “GANGBANG”, and “PUBLIC”. Oh, yes. This should be interesting.


7 Replies to “Perverse Pleasures”

  1. I know I’m late to the game, but I’ve only recently discovered this deliciously decadent blog. How about “teen schoolgirl stepdad anal.” Only four words, but it works for me.

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  2. That’s … a hell of a marathon. I don’t know if I’m jealous or sympathetic. Honest, I am confused… hrm. Sadly, such vigorous lust is behind me in my teenager years, these days. Now I just -think- about porn and plots to weave from it all day. So, what five words would I treat myself to, should I finish my work early today. How about: Redhead, Brother-Sister, POV, Outdoors … honestly, I think those four will do me. The things ameture porn makers get up to in their roleplay. hehehe

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    1. Well, I am most pleasantly surprised to find another ‘TABOO’ category lover. Why is it that they hide their most delicious (obscene I suppose to them) material under so vague a category?? I love it all! The naughtier; the nastier; the more frowned upon… mmmmmmmm

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