Let the music play…


Good Morning friends. It has been one very interesting week. Finally made it into a small little place I can call my own while I save for better. It’s location even provides for a small parking spot out of view just for me. Sounds like just what I’ve been needing…

Unfortunately, I immediately noticed problems with my phone service. It all began the day I moved in, so, naturally, I assumed it was do to the change of address. When I failed to fix the problem myself (turned it on and off…lol), I turned to the staff of my cell company. Four phone calls later, and I’m still jacking someone else’s wifi just to get out phone calls. Not even to mention the texts that are STILL marked as ‘sending’.

But, yesterday my guardian angel set me up with wifi to be installed on Friday. Thank you Precious. You felt my pain, and you read my mind. (And listened to all my bitching.) You are amazing and greatly appreciated. Always a special place in my heart reserved for you darlin.

I know ya’ll want the dirty stuff. Sadly, this week has been full of more frustration than you could imagine. Months ago a friend of mine smashed my bluetooth headset, that I care for almost as much as my children. Hey. I’m being serious. Music definitely soothes this soul. The following 2 that I purchased were both faulty. I finally broke down and paid the $70 something price-tag on some wally world white Phillips. And, yes, they kicked ass.

I didn’t have them two days, and the damn things go missing. I searched everywhere like 7 times. Yes, someone picked them right up. Being that it’s someone so close to me… Well, that’s why I haven’t been having the fun I deserve. I moved all this crap myself. I set everything up. I’ve ordered replacement headphones coming Thursday. Wifi comes on Friday. And my attitude changes IMMEDIATELY.

So, please know that I wasn’t ignoring ya’ll. I’ve just been going through some shit. Life is never easy, but sometimes it’s downright IMPOSSIBLE. Hey, but I’m still standing. And I cannot wait to tell you more of my sexual exploits and oh so creepy fails. Lol. Let the music play, people !!!

All My Love,






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