a Future full of Freakiness… my fave!


If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been… well, finally some good news. I am no longer living in a hotel. Yes, I’m moving on up in the world. I’ve relocated to a quaint little apartment with beautiful walls of a deep knotted wood. It’s small, but perfect for what I have planned.

For monthes, I’ve been looking into webcam modeling work. Not that I’m the sexiest thing going (at least, that’s not what I’m saying out loud), but I definitely have a multitude of talents that I believe might look outrageously hot on video. And I think I’ve mentioned my freaky side… Well, I’m just psyched to try.

Unfortunately, while I’ve been moving and now cleaning…a line is quickly forming. Let’s just put it this way… I’m not sure there is even one hour of the day that I don’t hear from one of my “friends” requesting that special MASTERHEAD that I’m so well known for. Or perhaps, they feel brave enough for me to put the works on them. 

And, of course, with so much attention also comes the haters. They can’t figure out how I keep them coming back. Well, that’s simple…

I don’t steal.

I’m honest.

I’m a total freak.

Masterhead skillz!

How can anyone lose when they deliver exactly what the fuck they offer? I’m a beautiful female with a high sexual appetite for the naughty, nasty & perverse. It can be a curse at times, and difficult to turn off once I get going. But, all in all, very marketable. Oh, and in case you forgot…



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