Regular ole Problems


So my first appointment this morning was with an old regular of mine. I’m telling you, he could, and did make me squirt all over the place. I must have gotten off like at least 8 times, and I could have gone for a whole lot more. I ended up with my ass stewing in a pond of its own orgasmic juices. All in all… an excellent time had by all!

However, when he left I realized that he had left me his usual donation. The very same amount that he has left me from the very first moment we met years ago. It’s frustrating. I mean, I can’t think of any one job that isn’t offered a raise or bonus or an anything after at least a good 3 1/2 years of service. If you suck that bad, after 3 1/2 years…you wouldn’t have to worry about a job at all.

Then I received a text from another long time regular. I can’t even recall the last time I’ve seen him. I do, however, recall this one time that he had left a very expensive watch in my hotel room. He returned a few days later to retrieve it exactly the way that he left it. We’ll just call this fella the Watchman.

Well, over the years, we’ve kept contact, but haven’t really seen each other that much. I can’t even remember the last time, to be honest with you. Let’s see… I’ve been at this hotel for 6 months. I’m not even sure that he has visited me here at all. Now, all of a sudden, two old regulars are getting ahold of me within an hour of each other…?

Okay so maybe not to anyone else but it seems very obvious to me. They had seen my recent ads somewhere and realize that they wanted some from the best. No problem. Or… They think I’m a fuckin chump. 

I mean, come on people. What hasn’t gone up in the past few years? The sole reason that I charge so little is because I know how bad the economy is and everyone has been affected. EVERYONE is suffering these days. And, of course, I can totally relate to that, because I do as well. 

So, I sent a one word text…”Donation?” And received one in return almost immediately.

“You’ve always charged me 50, because I’m a regular.”

WTF gentlemen. You have got to be kidding me. I have known this man over 5, possibly 6 years. And never even a tip as a special gift. Not even at Christmas. And just how does one qualify for a regular return “friend” rate if they don’t regularly return? Riddle me that batman.

So, how does one respond? Well… if I back down, this will happen repeatedly every single time I see him, and could possibly even spill off over to others as well. I mean, how can I do that for him and only him? He is certainly NOT my only “friend”.

Unfortunately, he didn’t take me seriously, and ended up driving the 20 minutes to my room, only to be told I was busy and unable to see him. That felt a little bad… but a little good too. Standing up for myself. Yeah! Bout time.

I thought the day was trashed, and I almost cancelled my evening date. Thank goodness I didn’t! Mr. New York was totally worth it and had the most delicious cock. But it was when he nestled between my thighs and began to nibble my clit that I realized my shitty day had just officially changed. 

Thanks for the O’s Mr. New York!  I will DEFINITELY be feeling those lips again!


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