Taste My Gratitude

​I was humbled at the number of views I attracted today from some of the intensely passionate community of writers that I love to delve head first into as often as I am able. (Certainly not enough, I tell ya.) 

Oh, but within these numbers was also a very masculine presence of such great magnitude and heat that I could actually FEEL it. I FEEL IT STILL! Maybe I’m just bad with names… 

First off,  the ad never even made it live. Oh, I typed some of it. However, I only just now found that  unfinished corpse of an idea lying unsaved in the app. Oh, whatever!  Every once in awhile, people do connect. Unseen chemistry draws them together into an awkward hug… a quick kiss… an immediate knowledge of just how to make the other quiver and groan in utter satisfaction. 

He walked casually in… So laid back and smooth in a slightly nervous manner but with a deliciously lust-filled aura all about him.  I couldn’t wait to have him in my mouth. All of him. I could sense the connection between us. It was so evident in every single response our bodies made. 

And when he kissed me…  Lol.  I really fucking love when it’s just right,  and that incredibly intoxicating, dizzy,  out of control, totally bliss filled state of body and soul are gasping for air as one. 

What more is there to say?  We fucked all day.  He took me kindly and gently until my cum began to trickle insanely and much too slowly down my thigh. Then he fucked me gallantly like a mad man,  swatting and my bare ass thrust high into the air. I have no recollection of when the crescendo of sensations began to finally silence.  I do know that it felt like I’d eaten a whole damn cake,  and yet felt the hunger for so much more.  

When he finally took me it was tender and delicious,  so we remained connected at the hips until ten minutes, soft kisses and gravity eased it’s way into our consciences. And THAT… THAT WAS GUT-WRENCHING AGONY and the slightly bitter sweet taste of loss. 

Okay,  it’s not my first time…  But connections like these are to be enjoyed to the utmost fullest and by any means possible for they are so extremely unique and rare. And (sadly) they almost always have the lifespan of just an incongruent and fleeting notion quickly gone… 



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