And the line starts here…

Boy, it’s gonna be one hell of a day. Frustrated with the way the system works, I’ve decided an extremely insane special. Quick visits cheaper than a trip to Walmart.  I woke up panties damp from a delicious dream and realized that I need some D immediately!

Days like this can be so amazingly insane. How much can I take…? Well, I’m looking for the cash to get out of this hotel lifestyle that’s bogging me down. I WANNA BE FREE PEEPS!

Check back with me tonight. I will have full details. As for me… Darlin, I got shit to do!! 


One Reply to “And the line starts here…”

  1. Thanks for the invitation to read your blog. I have another at where I have related conversations with street people: some homeless, some ex-convicts some former or current prostitutes. I have been meeting with these friends on a near daily basis for the past six years. They truly are my best friends.

    I wish you well with your blog. I find it fascinating and very entertaining. If you ever need any assistance along the way I’d be honored to correspond ~ Dennis

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