Power from Behind… 

Alright! Let’s talk. Real shit. Is it just me, or is every man over the age of 40 into having his booty hole played with? I’ve even known a few that are far far below the age of 40. There definitely must be something amazing to it. Not necessarily something that they feel they’ve lost. Perhaps something that they just didn’t know was ever missing.

In the beginning, I was a little shy on the subject. I had some very boisterous ex-boyfriends and one VERY experimental fiance… Anyhow, on all occasions they began as worshipers of me, but before all was said and done…  they’re booty-worshiping ways would always manifest and grow all too quickly into an inferno much hotter than our desire for each other had ever been. 

So… yes I’ve certainly worn an occasional strap-on to get my man off.  It just became an extension of my passion. And what a thrill! What an absolutely intoxicating experience to fuck another human being! To drive within that sensitive flesh until they are nothing but a spasming orgasmic blur beneath me…. Argh!!!! 

There is something so animalistic in giving in to that deep throbbing passion that lives so deeply hidden in our psyche. Indeed,  my naughtiest of pleasures leads me to more than a few sets of multiple o’s (even if only through fantasies via the absolutely illegal porn I so enjoy) AT LEAST once a week.  Delicious I tell you!. And as my desires grew more perverse over time,  so also has my respect for those that choose to indulge in their own without hurting others. 

It is quite often that I entertain a “friend” or two that feels that dark urge  to be filled- to be taken- to be loved from deep within. And over time,  a strong bond of trust and non-judgment is formed.  To my wonder and awe there have been many such occasions that I have found myself deemed worthy enough of their trust to be given the power of violating them in the most tender of ways.  And for this opportunity to be the aggressor,  the  dominator,  the sensual master of their carnal desires… I find myself truly humbled 

And my panties totally drenched. 


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