Harder than a lil Rock??? IMPOSSIBLE!

Okay…where to begin. Alright. First off…WOW! You’ll never believe who came over last night and dicked me down like the true southern slut I am. None other than that chiseled Rock of mine. We were way up close and dangerously personal. Oh…how lucky am I to be given another tryst with mister tall, tan, and gorgeous himself? I am still thanking the cottony clouds above as I type this. Okay, maybe not at this precise moment. Hey! Hotel rooms aren’t really condusive to a cheerfully lit ambience from the outside, that’s for sure. And my room, in paticular, tends to remind one of a staunch black and occer scene from Bram Stoker’s Dracula. (Or some equally wet to the bones type gray shaded movie set. Bats included. Of course.) Only the best….

His smile dazzles me every single time. What a looker. Most attractive guys have a somber look…like they want you to look, but truly don’t give a shit if you do or not. Not Rock! Super sexy! Super friendly! Super kissable! Super-duper delicious!!! 

Oh, my sexy paramour fucked me so good. Then i fucked him so good. It was an entire night FULL of new explorations. I tasted him. He ate me whole! It was intense and amazing, and I miss him already. No-one has fulfilled me like he can. I’d be a knotch in his belt loop anyday! 



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