A Name…is a name…is a name…

​It’s true… I’ve been called a  Sex Goddess. There was even a time I was known as DaBeast. But overall, more people have known me as MasterHead. And it’s not just my name. Very early on I realized using my mouth to make someone orgasm was actually a gift. These lips have offered pleasure and release to many a lucky fellow. And more than a few ladies… No judgment is passed here. Actually…I kind of feel it is my duty to extract toe-curling orgasms from ANY man who finds himself in real need. I’m an escort for the welfare of The People. I could use a double S on my naked breasts in red lipstick to signify that I’m a Super Slut. Hey. Don’t laugh. I CHANGE LIVES! Lol.

Okay so maybe that sounds crazy. But it’s true. As a woman, I did not realize how many men out there are actually very insecure about themselves. Most of them don’t even have a reason to be that wait.  And there must be some misunderstanding out there  with men.  I overheard two discussing  the fact that all women really wanted was to meet a gorgeous guy with lots of money. Let me stop you right there! That’s just not true! What women really want is a man who’s stable and treats them like a queen… And is gorgeous. Oh… and he better be loaded with lots of money. Ahem. Wow. Guess they were right. Nawwww…

And who would have guessed that the experience of licking a man’s balls and tonguing his asshole could have the power to create extremely tight bonds between my ‘friends’ and I. Of course, I figured this fact out a VERY long time ago. Now that I think about it, I’d be willing to wager that the majority of my ‘friends’ would agree with me also.  ‘Wink’. ‘Wink’. But only because I’m right…


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