Mr. Right Now

wp-1469708427986.jpgGood morning. Well, this morning I woke up in a wet so to bed. Amazing! I must have fallen asleep on my last date. Boy was that interesting. He was quite an odd looking fellow. however, he was very clean. And he was insatiable!

Okay so I got a couple of times who created puddle. Why did I wake up in a river! OMG! What did he do while I was passed out. LOL.

Okay so that might not have been the most exciting thing that happened to me yesterday. I think I met somebody. No, I mean, of course i met people…men. I mean that I think I met someone that could be special for me. Just for me.

He’s very handsome. He’s smooth and soft. Is a wonderful smile. And a fabulous attitude. And you must have gotten me off a million times. Something I love!

We hit it off very well. However, it really looks like he might be someone in a different class than me. A much better class than me. A very much higher class than me! Okay he looked rich. Whether he is or not does not matter. I wanted someone for myself for a very long time.

Perhaps I should think about this more. Why the prostitute as lonely as I am? Why would someone leave and get into the business? Okay perhaps I wasn’t all that long when I started. Or perhaps, just maybe, I was looking for love in all the wrong places. LOL.

Oooh, I sure hope this will turn into something. Or I hope that if this is meant to be then it will be. Class or station has nothing to do with it. At least, not for me. But maybe it does to him. What am I saying? He came to me. Of course it doesn’t matter to him or you wouldn’t have come. Am I right? I’m confused.
Please tell me I’m not like all the other girls. I always thought I was different. Do I really just want to have one guy in my life? Would I be happy like that? Can I make someone else happy? These are the questions. The answers….he’ll! who fuckin knows! Lol. On to the next fella…


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