Addicted to Rock

 Okay time to talk about Rock. So one of my dates one night was this guy named Rock. He didn’t seem overly confident. Although his pictures looked delicious. he seems super friendly. the donations seem to be no problem. I was skeptical. He came to my room just to pick me up. He said he had kids at home that were sleeping and he needed to get back to them. So, he wanted to meet up quickly and then take me to his place. I sort of understood, and I really needed the money, so I said “yes”.

Oh my God! He was gorgeous! And flattering. And loving. And kind. And friendly. And amazing. And he rode up in a huge fuckin truck! We rode out to the country. It took us about 45 minutes. His house was nice… not real big. Inside was immaculate. His room…not so much. But boy, did he show me a good time!

I know you want to know… Well, Rock was amazing. He wasn’t huge. He definitely wasn’t small. He was absolutely perfect! Okay, a little hairy, but absolutely perfect. It was wonderful. His bed ended up soaked. It was one of the best times I’ve ever had. Hevmade a joke when I first met him that I should try not to fall in love with him. Ha. Ha. As if. Ahem…

Okay. But it wasn’t love. It was definitely a big case of lust. And he kept in great touch with me. Almost every day sending pictures. And of course sweet little comments that made me feel special. But then it trailed off a little. He was Elusive at best. And invisible at worst. Every now and then I still send him a picture. Nude, of course. really just to see if he’s still interested. If he still thinks about me. He usually responds in a couple of days. of course, with flattering comments and sexual overtures. Oh… My Rock… Hmmmmm.


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