Who needs a man?

​The life of a working girl is a very lonely one. I may spend two or three hours a day working or following up on leads but the rest of the time I’m alone. I like to watch movies. So my Netflix account gets a real working over. LOL. However, what I wouldn’t do to have one man that is all of the things that I wish for.

Okay so it may sound crazy but yes I would love to have just one man. Someone who embodies all of the attributes that I think a man should possess. And, of course, he must also have the willpower and patience to put up with my ass. 

There are some men who possess most of the qualities that I would look for…if i was looking. But I’d have to combine those men to get those characteristics target purple chair all into one person. There’s always something missing. Either they’re very self-centered, greedy, unkind, or dishonest. If a man has any of those particular traits I am gone. Life is difficult enough. I don’t need a man with a lot of problems. So do to my strict regime, it looks like I’ll be lonely for a while. As long as I am able to take off my clothes and behave like a horny teenager pretty regularly, I could probably get by the rest of my life without a man. It’ll be a lonely one. But I will have a ton of fantastic naughty memories to feed off of when I’m old. if the good Lord willing, I’ll still be making em.


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